Dream of a New World’s vibrant graphics and photo effects made us share it with everyone. The game’s attractiveness has caused the number of users to reach a record level. Many users have achieved the playground through the invitation of their friends. To experience the latest version of the entertainment application, you can download it right here.

Dream of a New World

Latest Dream of a New World Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamonds x1111, Summon x22

Code is hidden! Get

- Summon Scroll x30, Diamond x2500

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open Dream of a New World and click Rewards => Offers tab =>  Gift Cards.

Step 2: Enter the code and click Exchange to get the reward.

What is Dream of a New World?

Following the link of the article, the user will be taken directly to the store. Quickly book your seat position in the gaming community. A civilized playground with many copies, challenges, and math problems waiting for you to decipher and overcome. As an all-around good gamer, I believe the modern role-playing genre will not make it difficult for you.

Dream of a New World Codes

First, still have to mention how to play and some of the main themes of the application. It is a turn-based RPG game, but it is also counted with a role-playing element. Because of that, the game has a unique way of playing that is turn-based. Each player will be given a turn to develop skills. In turn, it will be the opposing characters of the two sides exchanging abilities.

Users need support equipment to help their team overcome the enemy’s evil power. The rigidity of the accessory will support the defense of the whole team. In other words, a solid steel wall was placed in front of the vanguard. Engage in exciting PVP battles, and test your skills in managing army building according to your strategy.