Darkness Rises is an action RPG with beautiful 3D visuals, an engaging story, and fast-paced battles with the chance to test your strength against an army of demons that have ravaged the world of Darkness. Friend. Install this game for android and go from the depths of hell to eradicate the evil in its lair. Choose your character, which best suits you in terms of personality, and alone or with your teammates, start an uphill struggle.

Darkness Rises

List of gift Codes

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How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game Darkness Rises and go to Settings => go to  ‘Enter Coupon’.

Step 2: Enter the code in the “Please enter coupon number” field.

Step 3 Click ‘OK,’ and the reward is in your pocket instantly.

Darkness Rises Codes

What is Darkness Rises?

Rises can be a powerful sorcerer, an angry maniac, or a representative of two other playable classes. Use their unique abilities and skills in battles against hundreds of enemies. Defeat monsters with deadly skills or fight in the arena with other players.

Hundreds of weapons

Gather a team of friends and clanmates and explore treacherous dungeons searching for rare trophies. Use hundreds of weapons and different skills to win even the most challenging battles. Slay monsters with the Soul Link ability and use them in fighting with enemies. In this fight for life, every vehicle is good, and the mod that earns a lot of money will allow you to access them faster.

Darkness Rises Coupon Codes

Collect to upgrade

It would be best if you stood up to defend the ancient kingdom, which was attacked by orcs. Please choose one of four characters, upgrade his abilities and learn all the skills to become invincible. Help protect the kingdom from orcs, fend off giant bosses and subdue mystical creatures by controlling their minds. Collect and use gems to upgrade weapons and increase your character’s stats. You can play with friends, attack bosses, and explore dark dungeons with hundreds of enemies if you want. Don’t let the Orcs take over your land!