UpdateOctober 3, 2023
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Dark Sword Codes invites you to destroy the Eternal Darkness and return sunlight to your land as a brave knight. In Dark Sword, you must guide your hero through gloomy places inhabited by terrible shadows. Destroy the creatures of darkness with your giant sword and powerful abilities.

Dark Sword

According to the plot, a huge Black Dragon blocked the sun and cast a shadow on all living things. And under the influence of this shadow, many people began to turn into terrible monsters – servants of the dragon. You must destroy the hordes of enemies, then defeat the Black Dragon and return the light to this world!

List of Gift Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Get 10,000 Stones and 999,999 Souls immediately after entering this code on the game. However, the number is limited because it’s very difficult to get CodesLL

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- This is a rookie code with a small gift for all gamers

About the game

Over a hundred levels of the dark Sword single-player campaign hack game, you will fight monsters and their bosses. But your main target is the Dark Dragon and the road to it won’t be easy. On each level, the hero awaits a mob of monsters, aggressive creatures with violent power that attack him from all sides.

Dark Sword Codes

Weapon Unlock

You only have a certain amount of time to destroy them and replenish your gold reserves. Don’t forget to pick it up in the heat of battle. Only gold and a cheats with a lot of money will allow you to open new weapons and equipment, and in this android game, there is a lot of envy from them. Swords, armor, accessories, and even stones can make you stronger. There are also magical elixirs. With their help, you can replenish energy, stop time and restore life. Between battles, you can upgrade your equipment and work on the farm.

Dark Sword Codes

Action control

But the most dangerous and at the same time interesting will be the “cruel” mode in the game, in which the character will lose all equipment when he dies, and when he comes back to life, he is forced to fight empty-handed with the enemy. . You can control its actions both in battle and during farm work using virtual key blocks. They also activate your knight’s combat skills and allow you to move around the location. But to attack monsters and attack them in battle, you will use faucets.
Another cool feature of the game is the two-dimensional silhouette graphics where all the characters in the game are just shadows.

Dark Sword Codes FAQ

1. Where can I find Dark Sword codes?

There are several places where you can find Dark Sword codes. One option is to follow the official Dark Sword social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, where they often post codes for players to redeem. Another option is to keep an eye on gaming forums and communities, where players often share codes they have found. Additionally, subscribing to Dark Sword newsletters or joining their mailing list may grant you access to exclusive codes.

2. How do I redeem Dark Sword codes?

To redeem Dark Sword codes, open the game and look for the settings or menu option. Once you are in the settings, there should be a "redeem code" or "enter code" button. Click on it, and a pop-up window will appear where you can enter the code. Make sure to double-check the code for any typos, as they are usually case-sensitive. After entering the code correctly, click on the "confirm" or "redeem" button, and if valid, you will receive the rewards associated with the code.

3. Are Dark Sword codes time-limited or permanent?

Dark Sword codes can vary in their duration. Some codes are permanent, meaning you can redeem them at any time, while others have an expiration date. Time-limited codes are often tied to special events or promotions and may only be valid for a certain period. It's important to pay attention to the validity period mentioned when you come across a Dark Sword code, so you don't miss out on any rewards.