The success of a king is not only in holding the country’s economic pillars. But also to show the great authority of the dynasty he has. Your power is a direct deterrent to other nearby countries in Civilization: Reign of Power, which are gift codes from us—an entirely new game mode with more users participating in the battle. Players will officially enter this world after giving their names to the lord. Play as a king with a noble status and rule the empty land. User input challenges will be jobs that tap into the country’s economy. You have to join hands on duty with your close bodyguards. Initially, the user will have to clear the land around the area under sovereignty. Expand the territory to exploit local resources. Get wood and gold to build a powerful empire. After stabilizing the economy, you must consider expanding your territory.

Civilization Reign of Power

Latest of Civilization Reign of Power Codes

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- Diamonds x700, Gold x822K, Ice x664K, Food x677K

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- Food x5444K, Gold x1000K, Diamond x999

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- Gold x9999K, Food x9999K

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game and click the Leader/Avatar icon  => Settings => gear icon.

Step 2: Enter the code in the Coupon section, and click Confirm to have the reward sent to your mailbox.

Civilization Reign of Power Wiki

By activities that give you opportunities, such as going to copies and events, … Players can get closer to the throne of the territories. Reunify your lands with military might. Recruit more different generals to strengthen your authority. Users can reunite with famous generals and then dominate the surrounding lands. Military force is an essential key in your gameplay.

Civilization Reign of Power Codes

Civilization: Reign of Power builds thinking and tactical gameplay for gamers. Different from applications that use automatic or hang-up mechanisms. Then you have to participate in the battles directly, lead the army yourself, and change the strategy. After a successful copy, the player will be transferred many resources directly to the treasury. Users can use them to buy supplies or exchange the item they want.

Usually, players will use them straight into upgrading facilities. The player’s intellectual power will be a terrifying weapon every opponent must be wary of. Make good use of it in confrontations. Civilization: Reign of Power gift codes may feature updated graphics and sound design based on previous Civilization games’ visual and auditory aesthetics. Pictures can showcase detailed city and unit models, stunning landscapes, and vivid animations. Proper technique can include epic music, voice acting, and ambient sounds that enhance the player’s experience and immerse them in the game world.