A role-playing game that combines strategy will be the most perfect application if you have it on your device. Overcoming positions on the rankings to assert your name. Only Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG can do this in such a simple way. What the game is proving to users shows that this position is completely worth it.

Chrono Legacy

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    Chrono Legacy Codes

    About Game

    Endless adventures with courageous heroes. Players will inherit those heroic qualities in the process of companionship. Become a trusted friend by your side from the hard times to the stable. You are both the commander and hold an important intermediary position. Be a guide to the heroes in their right direction.

    Time continues to flow from day today. No one knows what new adventures lie ahead. But all in all, they are all new challenges. So that our heroes can claim their names. Intense clashes will bring the standard of war. I bet you’ll expect a lot from unique gameplay like this one.

    GiftCode Chrono Legacy


    Select the most outstanding heroes in the recruitment process. Sort them into a position appropriate to the attribute being held. The warriors will be the heroes representing your country. Each clone conquest will help the country bring rich resources. From there, it helps users to upgrade facilities and build new buildings. At this time, you will become a powerful person with both power and money.