Transform your sadness into thrilling battles at Chaos Mecha. Dive into the flow of the role-playing genre to double the fun. After a tiring day, everyone wants to find a playground for themselves. This is the place you go to whenever you have free time or when you come home from work or school. You can turn on your cell phone at any working age.

Chaos Mecha

Codes List

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- Use the code to get 2000 free gems

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- Use this code you can get 320 gems and 1000k gold

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- The gift package will include 100 gems and x1110K Gold

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- Use the code you will get 1020k gold and X3 Magic Stone

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- You will get 220 Gems and 12 Adv Tickets

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- The reward will be x2100K gold and x14 Adv Tickets

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- Similar rewards are x10 Adv Tickets and x100 Gems

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- Get Saitama Shard and x1300K Gold

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: On the main screen of the Chaos Mecha game, click on your profile picture (Biographical picture).

Step 2: Go to “Settings” => “Redeem.”

Step 3: Copy and enter the gift code. Click “Redeem” to get free rewards.

What is Chaos Mecha?

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Chaos Mecha Codes

In front of you, there will be challenges to blow fire to the game. Thanks to that, your fun will be doubled. The best part is not only in the countless difficulties. Perhaps it is also in the recruitment of technology rookies. You can own hundreds of technology warriors with the most advanced weapons. They are a solid defense for yourself and your base.

Take control of trained warriors. Fight with alien creatures after the explosion of the laboratory. Launch a blind fire strategy to deceive the enemy, helping your army attack. Clear the battlefield with the powerful technique of the evil card. Tame them with your clever and flexible play.