They recalled when many CodesLL viewers voted for the strategy game with the most gift codes. This is considered the favorite genre of any gamer. Thanks to your review with us, a wise decision has been passed. From the most authentic votes, the game we want to introduce today. It will be a product called Bomb! Tanks.

Bomb Tank

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Use the code to get Diamond x120, Killer Cat Lady x2, Chariot Voucher x5, Chain Pump x3, Gold x400K

Code is hidden! Get

- With this code, your reward includes Diamond x500, Chariot Voucher x9, and Gold x1300k for free

Code is hidden! Get

- Get 1600 gems from this code

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game “Bomb Tank” and go to “Settings”

Step 2: Click “Change package”. Enter the code in the box “Please enter the redemption code”.

Step 3: Confirm with the “Redeem Code” button and receive the reward.

What is Bomb Tank?

Bomb Tank is a game that brings users back to their childhood. When the first time you experience the fun of combs. At that time, the challenges were not too tricky for talented users. Now the times have changed to make users feel faster and more robust. This is also the factor that current publishers want to target.

Bomb Tank Codes

Set in a time when artisans invented machines. It was a regular occurrence for bombs and bullets to pop up continuously. In the future when humans will use armored chariots to challenge each other. This created a wave of intense protests. From there, teams with opposing views were formed.

Only the player can grasp how to play the strategy. Then everything for you to conquer in front of you is almost half done. How to get used to the gameplay is extremely important, so users must pay close attention. Battles will be divided into teams or singles. Users can choose the battle mode to suit their level.