Blade of Pillar is adapted from the famous manga in the country of cherry blossoms. The plot is taken directly from the series called Demon Slayer. This is one of the most trending stories in recent times. The advantage of game content has quickly attracted the eyes of many gamers. First, the game creates a fascinating adventure for the player to discover independently. Explore and develop yourself to be able to bring the most uncomplicated joy. The plot is clear and coherent, combined with the gameplay that stimulates the skills of gamers. Blade of Pillar has quickly created a new wave for the entertainment industry. Here, the playground will bring you highly abundant resources.

Blade of Pillar

List of Blade of Pillar Gift Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Boost x699, Coins x300K, EXP x220K

Code is hidden! Get

- 5 Star Hero Piece x20, Boost x400

Code is hidden! Get

- Gold x700K, EXP x833K, Boost x722

Code is hidden! Get

- EXP x550K, Boost x448, 5 Star Hero Piece x30

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game, and click Profile/Avatar => Contact.

Step 2: Enter the code and press Claim to receive the reward.

Blade of Pillar Tips

Players will be rewarded daily by taking attendance. The harder you log in every day, the more you accumulate gifts. The number of rewards will increase more in the future; high-level characters are also gradually transferred to your backpack. Coming to the core gameplay of the application, users will have to get used to the automatic mechanics more than manually. You will have to use your brain to arrange and manage the squad. Lead them in the right direction to destroy demons and slaughter evil species that intend to possess humans.

Blade of Pillar Codes

Because it is an RPG game, users will be pretty hands-free during the competition. Your generals will automatically move and attack when it’s their turn. Each side will be playing the fairest with the rules already noted. Blade of Pillar also draws a lot of activities for the user to do. Performing new activities will help the user increase the number of crystals and secret art in the backpack. Crystal resources are an essential key in the matter of strengthening.

If you want the character’s attribute stats to increase sharply in time, the number of resources must also be proportional. You cannot become strong when only a few pieces of crystal are left in your backpack. Also, players must know how to distribute power to the entire squad. Each demon slayer will have the most relevant skill and attribute. Knowing how to combine them will create an offensive and defensive steel wall. Blade of Pillar will welcome you with gifts poured directly into recruits.