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Bioocean Fantasy

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Includes 3300 diamonds, each resource x50000

Code is hidden! Get

- 60m x 200 acceleration, 5m x 1000 acceleration, Weapons x 50

How to redeem Code

Step 1: On the screen, click Settings => Rewards => Enter code.

Step 2: Enter the above code that we have shared, the reward will be sent to you for free.

Bioocean Fantasy Codes


Easily immerse yourself in fully equipped characters. Live a new life and experience journeys away from home. Each land is an upcoming place you have to get acquainted. Get access to unexpected elements during your trip to the second world.

Make friends with new friends during the experience. Shake hands with each other to create a strong united squad. Let’s share the will and determination to overcome the biggest challenges in the adventure journey. Unexpectedly you will be faced with unexpected events. Master the game with the qualities of a young leader. The talent and leadership qualities are hidden in you. Now would be the right time to reveal it to the outside world.

GiftCode Bioocean Fantasy


Create a base with full amenities and the best facilities. Create habitat and develop them stably. At the same time, players will have to explore ancient ruins. You will have to get used to conquering the monsters that guard the gate. Convince them with the power of the vanguard. Make them a reliable ally. Participate in monster arenas to gather resources.


Bioocean Fantasy Codes FAQ

1. How can I unlock new characters in Bioocean Fantasy codes?

Answer: You can unlock new characters in Bioocean Fantasy codes by reaching certain milestones in the game, completing specific quests, or by using in-game currency to purchase them from the character roster.

2. Are there any special events or limited-time offers in Bioocean Fantasy codes?

Answer: Yes, Bioocean Fantasy periodically offers special events and limited-time offers where players can obtain exclusive items, characters, or in-game rewards. Keep an eye on the game's official social media channels for announcements about upcoming events.

3. Can I trade Bioocean Fantasy codes with other players?

Answer: Unfortunately, trading Bioocean Fantasy codes with other players is not supported within the game. The game's economy and progression system are designed to be fair and balanced for all players, so trading codes is not a feature. However, you can still enjoy the game's rich content and exciting gameplay without the need for trading.

Size774.5 MB
UpdateApril 15, 2024
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