UpdateNovember 28, 2023
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AOTU World is a stylish strategy game with turn-based gameplay and an exciting selection of anime characters. Players are invited to choose a character, customize its appearance and go on a dangerous adventure through colorful locations. As you progress through the game, you need to gather a group of assistants responsible for performing specific actions.

AOTU World

List of Coupon Codes

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How to Redeem Pack

Step 1: Open the game AOTU World and find the avatar icon on the left side of your screen.

Step 2: Go to the Settings section. Find the “Pack” section, select it, and an empty box to exchange gifts will appear.

Step 3: Enter the code above provided by CodesLL and click the confirmation button to receive the reward.

AOTU World Codes

About the Game

The game is filled with countless events, missions, and battles with robots. Your heroes move around locations with virtual joysticks, and when they collide with enemies, the game switches to turn-based combat. Each character has a range of special attacks and abilities worth using when moving around the tiles of the playing field. One attacks several enemies at once, and someone uses spells or healing capsules to restore health to all allied units. The game is not without stories, mini-games, and entertaining puzzles.

AOTU World Codes FAQ

1. How can I level up my characters quickly in AOTU World?

To level up your characters quickly in AOTU World, you should focus on completing main story quests and side missions. These tasks offer a significant amount of experience points and help you progress faster. Additionally, participating in live events, such as boss battles and PvP tournaments, can also provide a substantial boost to your character's level.

2. What are the different currency types in AOTU World and how can I earn them?

AOTU World consists of several currency types, each serving a specific purpose. The main ones include Gold, Gems, and Tokens. Gold can be earned by completing quests, selling unwanted items, or participating in various in-game activities. Gems, on the other hand, are usually obtained through real-money purchases, or occasionally as rewards for achieving specific milestones. Tokens are usually acquired by participating in events or completing specific challenges.

3. What are the best strategies for successful PvP battles in AOTU World?

When it comes to PvP battles in AOTU World, strategic planning and team composition play a crucial role. Here are a few tips for achieving success:

  • Understand your team's strengths and weaknesses, and build your strategy accordingly.
  • Formulate a balanced team composition with a mix of damage dealers, tanks, and healers.
  • Study your opponents' teams and adjust your strategy accordingly, exploiting their weaknesses.
  • Focus on upgrading your characters' skills and equipment to maximize their performance.
  • Coordinate with your team members and communicate tactics during battles.
  • Keep practicing and adapting your strategies based on the changing PvP meta.