Soon the battle in Akadi’s playground will officially open. Players have only a few more chances to set foot in the land of warriors. The arena gathers many users with the best hand skills. It will be the first challenge rookies must face with the opportunity to become a new player in this good playground. Players will have the following privileges that few applications can satisfy. Those are gifts from the first meeting. You will be rewarded with support from the system’s direct guidance. The donation will be even more favorable for gamers who download through us. Consider it a gift for your startup. With the best momentum, we believe this game will soon find a host.


List of Akadi Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamonds x500, Summon Scroll x20, Gold x50000

Code is hidden! Get

- Gold x770000, Summon Scroll x50

Code is hidden! Get

- Summon Scroll x10, Diamond x998

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the Akadi game, click Avatar => Settings => Redemption code.

Step 2: Enter the code in the text box and click Confirm. The reward will be sent to your inventory.

Akadi Tips

Join us on an adventure as the legend’s journey begins and the people of justice are born. This is the moment for them to prove themselves in front of thousands of eyes watching. Confront the war, smash the betrayal with solid will, heroism, and majesty,… Giant organizations are allied with each other to harm your forces.

Akadi Codes

Players need to be more cunning than them, become the wolf, and stay one step ahead of them. Not being able to let the enemy have a chance to grab you is an essential factor in the smooth running of the game. Following Akadi’s process, players can place their hands on the recruiting process. Countless characters from different tribes are added. Enough to make you startle when referring. Each warrior has various personal biographies for users to explore.

Satisfy your curiosity and appetite with flash challenges. They will come continuously and make you become suffocated. Conspiracy in the dark is gradually revealed behind the next curtain. A song of pride is sung simultaneously as the war begins. The source of this senseless war is still envy. The player must use the hero’s faith to dislodge all dangers. And to do that, it is indispensable for heroes to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

UpdateSeptember 25, 2023
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