The era of AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD has officially opened for gamers. The entertainment market has been shaken from the arrival of a series of gift codes to their popularity. Coming to the application, the user will become the tower commander. They were allowed to use the right to build an army of the most potent recruits.

AFK Monster

AFK Monster Summon Legend TD Codes List

Code is hidden! Get

- Your reward includes Gems x200, Gold x180K

Code is hidden! Get

- VIP gift package including Gems x5000

    Code is hidden! Get

    - Get Gold x400K, Gems x230

    How to Redeem Code

    Step 1: Open the AFK Monster game and click the Profile icon =>  Gift Code.

    Step 2: Enter the code and click Confirm to receive the desired reward.

    What is AFK Monster?

    The world is welcoming gamers with high ambitions like you. This experience will help you gain more experience. Participate directly in AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD in any state. It can be played online or offline mode depending on your situation.

    AFK Monster Codes

    Levels and gifts will still be accumulated for the user. Because of that, you can comfortably fight without worrying about losing the value of the squad. Go clone and face the ferocious armies, defeat them and claim victory for the military. Work together flexibly to create a significant turning point in the match. Your will is required in a game that requires thinking. It is impossible to give up in front of copies with challenging levels and quickly change tactics to surprise the opponent.

    Recruit recruits to increase the team’s combat power. The character will play an essential role in determining the user’s success. A long time of experience will help you discover the mysteries that are still buried. AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD is opening in many stores, so hurry up and download it.