UpdateDecember 1, 2023
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WuXia Online: Idle is a popular game recently. It belongs to the modern card game genre with a unique playing concept that will be very interesting. Bring attractive moments to users thanks to high-quality content. Players will be transformed into sword fairies during their experience at this playground. Awaken your talents as a great strategist. Surprise your opponents with comprehensive and skillful gameplay. Players can be more proactive as a game is built in a modern direction. You can confidently learn the activities the first time you try them out.

WuXia Online Idle

Latest WuXia Online Idle Codes

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- Coins x667K, Gold x20000

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- Gold x72200, Coins x889K

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- Gems x99000, Coins x999K

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the WuXia Online Idle game and click the profile icon.

Step 2: Click Options => Enter code.

Step 3: Receive rewards by going to the in-game mailbox.

WuXia Online Idle Tier List

The system’s instructions will help you understand the game’s plot and your mission. Visit famous places at WuXia Online: Idle playground, where you must stick with it for a long time this summer. As far as I know, the application is inspired by Chinese comics. Its context will be related to the scenic spots of the country of China. Players will encounter familiar shapes such as fairy swords, ancient costumes, accessories, etc. This outstanding feature will help you learn more about this country’s culture.

The content is closely related to the card genre, so players will not be able to miss unlocking activities. You must unlock the first medium-sized cards for yourself, divided into different levels, to identify them. Each general has additional attributes based on their strength to put into the classification table. The distribution of generals according to the color of medium-sized cards is blue; high-level cards are yellow,… Players must rely on luck and mission progress to have the opportunity to open rare generals. Each character has their strength; their powerful moves are also the best way to attack.

WuXia Online Idle Codes

The user must activate moves by launching attacks at the opponent; each episode usually accumulates move energy. Cast the action when you have fully charged your energy bar, and don’t worry because the actions are all directed. WuXia Online: Idle also has countless different resources that you can get. Diverse activities help you accumulate a large amount of gold and treasure. Users must collect soul fragments to help strengthen equipment and characters in general. Sublime with strategy and mind play your way.

WuXia Online Idle Codes FAQ

1. How can I improve my character's stats in WuXia Online: Idle?

In order to enhance your character's stats, you can focus on upgrading their equipment and weapons. By obtaining better gear, such as armor and weapons with higher attributes, you can significantly boost your character's combat effectiveness and overall stats.

2. What are the different gameplay modes available in WuXia Online: Idle?

WuXia Online: Idle offers various gameplay modes to keep you engaged. These modes include Story Mode, where you can progress through the game's narrative and complete quests; Arena Mode, where you can compete against other players in PvP battles; and Endless Challenge Mode, a survival-like mode where you face waves of increasingly challenging enemies.

3. Are there any special events or limited-time content in WuXia Online: Idle?

Absolutely! WuXia Online: Idle frequently brings special events and limited-time content to keep the game fresh and exciting. These events may include special boss battles, exclusive rewards, or unique challenges that provide additional opportunities for character growth and progression. Make sure to keep an eye out for these events and take advantage of the extra bonuses and rewards they offer!