UpdateFebruary 24, 2024
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In a time of turmoil that is gradually emerging, The Walking Dead: Survivors is where humanity finally resists disaster. Players must join the survival armies against the zombies, using the provided weapons to take them down. The source leading to this dilemma for humanity must be more clearly stated.

TWD Survivors

List of The Walking Dead Survivors Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Use the code to get it 100 Res x4, Crate of Veggies (10K) x25, Box of Ba ullets (10K) x18, Bucket of Water (10K) x15, Short Range Transmission x9, Salvage a Token x2

Code is hidden! Get

- Using this code, you will get Clan Relocation x8, Random Relocation x9, 1min Speed ​​Up x300, 12h Attack Bonus x4, Rubies x500, Loaf of Bread x28

Code is hidden! Get

- Get 15K Pile of Lumber x20, 15K Stash of Meat x23, Rubies x900, and 15K Box of Bullets x16 after using the code.

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Visit the official website:

Step 2: Click send verification mail, then log in to the game to get the key.

Step 3: Finally, enter the code and press ‘Redeem’ ‘to receive the reward immediately.

Or you can enter the code right in the game by clicking “Avatar” => “Setting” => “Redeem” the code and get rewarded.
The Walking Dead Survivors

What is The Walking Dead Survivors?

It’s because an experimental organization has been turned against by a drug they care about. It makes humans go crazy and lose control of their actions; more importantly, they are bloodthirsty beasts. Just seeing human silhouettes, as well as sniffing through noises, etc. An army of zombies will quickly come and eat your brain.

To not make them able to chew the brains of all the last human beings. They gathered together and built a large residential area. Surrounding this place are solid fences with defensive towers at the proper distance. Players cannot confidently let their business keep the above state.

It is necessary to improve and renew their fences, then establish a food tracing strategy. Use the power of the last survivors for victory. Design your squad according to your style and calculation; each move corresponds to a changeable match outcome. The Walking Dead: Survivors teaches you how to survive, learn to be brave, and face difficulties honestly. Only human commanders can resist.

TWD Survivors Codes FAQ

Q: How do I join a faction in The Walking Dead: Survivors codes?

A: To join a faction in the game, navigate to the Faction tab on the main menu and select "Join a Faction." You can search for a faction by name or browse through the list of available factions and choose one that suits your play style.

Q: What are the best strategies for thriving in The Walking Dead: Survivors codes?

A: One effective strategy is to focus on building and upgrading resource-generating structures to ensure a steady supply of essential resources. Additionally, forming alliances with other players and actively participating in faction activities can greatly enhance your chances of survival and success in the game.

Q: How can I defend my base against enemy attacks in The Walking Dead: Survivors codes?

A: To bolster the defenses of your base, prioritize the construction and upgrading of defensive structures such as walls, towers, and traps. It's also important to regularly train and deploy troops to fend off potential invaders. Furthermore, forming alliances with other players and coordinating defensive efforts can significantly strengthen your base's resilience against attacks.