A super product that helps players limit the most basic operations. This application allows users even take their hands off the keyboard. But everything is working according to your wishes. And these top criteria will only be available at Tribalpunk – AFK Heroes—an ultimate auto-strategy game with unsurpassed levels.

Tribalpunk - AFK Heroes

List of Tribalpunk Gift Codes

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- With this code, you will get 8 Hours Power Essence x1, x500 Shiny Ore, Magic Scroll x2, 8 Hours Metal Shard x1

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- A total bonus of essential resources for you

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Magic Scroll x200, x8000 Shiny Ore: This is a unique gift for you only at CodesLLL


How to redeem code

Step 1: Accessing Game Tribalpunk will display on the main screen.
Step 2: Go to Settings and Click on the words Gift Code.
Step 4: Enter the Code and click “ Confirm ” to claim your reward.

Tribalpunk Wiki

TribalpunkIt was sponsored and developed by publisher Antada Game, accompanied by billions of investments and relentless dedication. From the very first days of its launch, it showed just how outstanding its appearance was. A series of massive downloads by the masses. Along with that are honest reviews of the experiences that gamers have experienced.

Tribalpunk Codes

The overall plot of the game is commented-on with high sympathy. Because the appeal of a strategy genre often focuses on content. The content of the game has also determined a large audience. That’s why the publisher took an interesting fantasy context. The adventures revolve around the process of discovering new lands. But that’s after the post-apocalypse.

Hack Tribalpunk

The survivors formed a stable tribe. They live and share valuable resources. However, something caused friction to break out. From her,e the adventures turned into adventurous challenges. Because during your exploration, you will face warriors of other tribes. You have to win with the team you’re with. Connect with a rare spirit of solidarity.

Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Codes FAQ

How can I increase my hero’s power in Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena?

Answer: To increase your hero’s power, focus on leveling up their skills, equipping them with better gear, and upgrading their tribes for additional bonuses.

What are the benefits of joining a tribe in Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena?

Answer: Joining a tribe allows you to access exclusive tribe bonuses and buffs, participate in tribe events, and collaborate with other players to progress faster in the game.

What strategies should I use in the arena battles in Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena?

Answer: In arena battles, it’s important to build a well-balanced team, strategically use your hero’s skills and abilities, and adapt to your opponent’s tactics to emerge victorious. Experiment with different team compositions to find the winning strategy!