UpdateFebruary 25, 2024
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How long has it been since you have come back to life with a ball? The passionate passion of players will flow again in Total Football Codes—a soccer field dedicated to gamers who love sports. The essence of football will reveal itself on the pitch, and user dedication is the key to engaging the audience. Create an exciting game for the spectators watching you on the field. Total Football allows users to choose their team according to their preferences. Players can combine many players in many different clubs. You only need to have the cost to support them in a successful transfer during the season. Any player can be added to your main squad.

Total Football

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- Coins x200, Money x800K

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- Money x1000K

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- Coinss x500, Money x500K

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game Total Football, and click Settings => Gift Code.

Step 2: Enter the Code and click Redeem to redeem the gift.

Total Football Codes

Total Football Wiki

Players will experience firsthand the excitement of football in top matches. The user has to use the passing skills thanks to the icon buttons on the mobile screen. Each button will represent the action you want to take. Thanks to your control skills, you can use your skills to pass, shoot, cross, and even speed up. The game is a sophisticated calculation of sports athletes.

It would be best if you continuously manipulated your hands to direct the ball to the opponent’s golf ball. A solid finish will raise the score from zero to a new number. Try to create delicious finishing opportunities for players and convert prospects into goals,… Players can immediately experience the skill feature on the football field. Applying skills through people, thanks to the particular button, the player can create magical balls. Through beautiful people, accurate finishing is the goal you need to aim for.

Total Football Gift Codes

The game will be more attractive in the last minutes, and players must concentrate enough and keep their sanity. Never be greedy and careless in the past; that leads to a goal. The user’s strength will be observing and applying individual skills well into the match. Take advantage of this to bring this match to your desired decisive score. Play now to get famous players and stars. Even more fortunate, you can have the right to recruit the legendary temples of football.

Total Football Codes FAQ

FAQ 1: What makes Total Football codes unique from other football games?

Answer: Total Football codes is unique because it combines traditional football gameplay with strategic card management, allowing players to utilize tactics and skills to outsmart their opponents in a new and engaging way.

FAQ 2: Can I customize my team in Total Football codes?

Answer: Yes, Total Football codes offers extensive team customization options, including player selection, formation setup, and tactics adjustment, giving players the freedom to tailor their team to their preferred playstyle.

FAQ 3: How does Total Football codes incorporate real-life football elements into the game?

Answer: Total Football codes integrates real-life football elements by featuring authentic player statistics, club formations, and strategic gameplay mechanics, offering players a realistic and immersive football experience within the virtual world.