UpdateMarch 4, 2024
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Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D is a dynamic first-person shooter with several game modes. Choose a character, customize his appearance, choose a weapon and go to one of the dozens of maps. The game features both a single-player campaign divided into missions and a competitive mode with real players.

Strike Force Heroes

List of Codes

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About the Game

In the first case, you need to move around the locations and destroy all the opponents, and in the second case, by the team’s overall force, you need to collect more pieces than the opposing team. You can switch between available guns during battle. The arsenal includes pistols, rifles, machine guns, and powerful grenade launchers. If you want, you can hand yourself a knife and try to stab your opponent for more money. Currency can be used to buy and upgrade new weapons.

Strike Force Heroes Codes FAQ

FAQ: How can I improve my accuracy in Pro Sniper: PvP Gunfight 3D?

Answer: To improve your accuracy, you can practice using the sniper rifle in the game's shooting range to get familiar with the weapon's mechanics and recoil. Additionally, adjusting your sensitivity settings to find the right balance for your aiming style can also help improve accuracy.

FAQ: Are there any special codes to unlock exclusive weapons in Pro Sniper: PvP Gunfight 3D?

Answer: Exclusive weapons can be unlocked through in-game achievements, challenges, or by reaching certain levels. There are no special codes to unlock these weapons, but players can earn them through gameplay progression.

FAQ: How can I effectively use cover in Pro Sniper: PvP Gunfight 3D?

Answer: Using cover strategically can provide protection and a tactical advantage in the game. Players can utilize cover to peek out and take shots at opponents while minimizing exposure to enemy fire. It's important to move between cover points and maintain situational awareness to avoid being flanked by opponents.