UpdateMarch 1, 2024
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SMASH LEGENDS: Action Fight will be a playground many young people have noticed recently. Its primary genre revolves around exciting action and fighting. Random the character you want, countless new and different personalities. You are taken from the sacred beasts in the biographical chronicle. Players have the opportunity to transform into new elite forms. It would be best if you did everything to win to become the leader in a multi-dimensional war. Prepare a spirit of steel and be ready to face many big surprises. The way to play is to control and maintain the best state for your character.


Latest of SMASH LEGENDS Codes

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- Super Special Box x2, Coins x344

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- Coins x773

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- Coins x994, Super Special Box x5

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- Super Special Box x3, Coins x420

How to Redeem Code

You can enter the gift code right in the game or via the official website using the steps below.

Step 1: Visit:

Step 2: Enter the code in the ‘Please enter coupon code’ text box.

Step 3: Paste the character ID into the ‘Please enter your user ID’ text box.

Step 4: Click Confirm; the reward will be sent once the code is valid.


Bringing great joy to this new community, the playground opens its arms to new users. Defeat many legends to climb to the top of glory and fight to protect the honor of the entire team. Unlock new costumed characters and many different costume sets for you. If the player is passionate about beauty, create his personality to represent himself. You can choose from many models; use your sharp eyes to select the most complete character.

After completing this first step, the player will be taken to the basic training level. The system will guide users through controlling characters and combat rules. In a main map, the experiencer must face the first obstacle. Getting familiar with new environments, your opponents gradually appear more clearly. It is a thrilling MOBA action game, and players must solo directly with different opponents. Or choose 3vs3 mode, where teamwork prevails in the most stressful times.


Move quickly with the character’s unique attribute agility. At the same time, players must activate special moves to damage the enemy team. Pour your lethal force directly into the target you want to target, sweeping fixed maps. Diversified online activities help players quickly bond with each other. Make friends and socialize in SMASH LEGENDS: Action Fight; the number of players across the country participating is gradually increasing—the opportunity to experience the gaming culture of each country. Open a team to connect with many friends with excellent achievements like you, and join them in conquering the promised land. Conquer the top of the tower with trusted teammates. Upgrade your legend and eliminate your worries with the mastery skills you have.


Can I use SMASH LEGENDS Action Fight codes to unlock new characters?

Answer: No, SMASH LEGENDS Action Fight codes typically do not unlock new characters in the game. Character unlocks are usually achieved through gameplay progression or special events.

Are SMASH LEGENDS Action Fight codes region-specific?

Answer: No, SMASH LEGENDS Action Fight codes are usually not region-specific and can be used by players in any location, unless specifically stated otherwise in the code's terms and conditions.

Can SMASH LEGENDS Action Fight codes be used by multiple players?

Answer: It depends on the specific code. Some SMASH LEGENDS Action Fight codes may be limited to a single use, while others may be shared and used by multiple players. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each code for details on its usage.