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RTS Siege Up

Codes List

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- You will get 30,000,000 resources each from this reward. There will be a certain time limit as well as the number of 300 unique codes only

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What is RTS Siege Up?

Take part in the construction of a unique pixel castle, build towers, place archers on them, gather resources, and increase your combat power. Your goal is simple – create an invincible army and engage in territorial battles against real players from around the world.

Stone and wood should be used to build castles, catapults will be useful to destroy enemy walls, and archers, horsemen, and swordsmen will make up the bulk of your army. Come up with interesting tactical solutions and make them come true, win and earn ranking points.


RTS Siege Up Codes FAQ

How can I strengthen my army in RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War?

Answer: You can strengthen your army by upgrading your units and buildings, recruiting more soldiers, and researching powerful technologies and abilities to give your army an advantage in battles.

What strategies can I use to conquer enemy territories in RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War?

Answer: You can use various strategies such as forming alliances with other players, launching coordinated attacks on enemy strongholds, employing siege tactics to break through defenses, and using spies to gather intelligence on enemy movements.

What role does resource management play in RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War?

Answer: Resource management is crucial in the game as it determines your ability to train and equip your troops, construct defensive structures, and maintain a strong economy. Balancing the acquisition of resources with strategic investments is key to success in the game.

UpdateApril 14, 2024
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