Raid of Heroes: Total War invites you to take an exciting yet dangerous journey into a fantasy universe and protect a critically endangered kingdom. On the border of a magical country, the army of the Dark Lord appeared, who gathered an army of real evil spirits.

Raid Heroes: Total War

List of gift Codes

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About the Game

The fight will become severe, and fighting the invader alone will not be effective. Therefore, players will have to assemble a team of 9 units and show the talent of a real commander. There are 400 game locations available to battle, each more difficult than the previous ones. To win, you need to collect cards of heroes and upgrade your small army. This is done with the help of artifacts, stars, and gold, which are mined in battles.

Raid Heroes: Total War Codes

Considering that the opponent becomes more potent after each raid, a mod with a large amount of money and a good strategy will help you quickly upgrade your fighter. As you progress through charges, you can construct buildings that produce traps, new cards, and other helpful game items.

If you want to feel like a real lord, send troops into battle with a wave of your hand? Raid of Heroes: Total War will help make those dreams come true as you progress through individual campaigns or multiplayer modes.

Raid Heroes: Total War Codes FAQ

How can I use Raid Heroes: Total War codes to level up my heroes?

Answer: In the game Raid Heroes: Total War, you can use codes to receive exclusive hero upgrades and boosts. Enter the code in the designated section of the game to unlock powerful abilities and enhance your heroes’ performance in battle.

Are Raid Heroes: Total War codes limited-time offers or can they be used indefinitely?

Answer: Raid Heroes: Total War codes are often limited-time offers that provide temporary boosts or rewards. Make sure to use the codes as soon as possible to take advantage of the benefits they offer before they expire.

Do Raid Heroes: Total War codes provide unique in-game items or customization options?

Answer: Yes, Raid Heroes: Total War codes can unlock exclusive in-game items, customization options, and enhancements for your heroes. These codes allow you to personalize your gameplay experience and access content that is not available through regular gameplay.