UpdateNovember 29, 2023
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Mana Monsters is a colorful RPG with puzzle elements where you will have to fight terrible monsters. What will you receive? Many attractive gifts are waiting for you right below. Let’s have a look.

Mana Monsters

List of Codes

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- You get enough money to experience the game

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- Get 1,000,000 Experience instantly to upgrade hero characters

What are Mana Monsters?

Collect a collection of mysterious heroes and go to battle arenas where you will face the most unusual monsters. Swap colorful crystals on the playing field and get the rows you need to hit your enemies and use your creatures’ superpowers. Travel through dangerous lands, open entrances to new locations, and try to defeat all enemies. Defeat monsters, return them to your collection, improve your skills, apply new abilities and learn exciting combinations to help you deal with demons. Don’t forget to use power-ups to win more effectively.

Mana Monsters Codes FAQ

FAQ 1: How can I unlock new Mana Monsters in the game?

Unlocking New Mana Monsters

To unlock new Mana Monsters in the game, you can participate in various events or complete quests that offer them as rewards. Another way is to summon Mana Monsters using monster shards or through rare summoning portals. Make sure to explore different areas of the game, as hidden bosses and special encounters may also grant you the opportunity to obtain new Mana Monsters.

FAQ 2: How can I evolve or upgrade my Mana Monsters?

Evolving and Upgrading Mana Monsters

To evolve or upgrade your Mana Monsters, you will need to collect the necessary evolution materials and upgrade items. Evolution materials can be obtained through battles, quests, or special events. Once you have the required materials, go to the Monster Evolution tab and select the Mana Monster you wish to evolve. Follow the prompts to evolve your Mana Monster and increase its stats and abilities.

FAQ 3: How can I enhance the skills of my Mana Monsters?

Enhancing Mana Monster Skills

To enhance the skills of your Mana Monsters, you will need skill points and specific upgrade items. Skill points can be earned through battles, quests, or leveling up your Mana Monsters. Once you have enough skill points and the necessary upgrade items, go to the Skills menu and select the Mana Monster whose skills you wish to enhance. Choose the skill you want to upgrade and spend the required skill points and items to enhance its power and effectiveness. Be strategic in selecting which skills to enhance based on your playstyle and the strengths of your Mana Monsters.