Does the rain of bombs and bullets during times of war make you scared and trembling? Come to KARDS – The WW2 Card Game is an innovative card game that will overwhelm you. First, the game’s content is invested and developed in a modern direction. It is set directly during World War II, also known as WW2. The publisher of the 1939 game exploited the entire historical context of the war. From there, the game created a storyline that merged with world history. This experience will help you learn more skills in wartime and self-defense. In addition, users can also experience the thrill of driving armored tanks.


List of KARDS Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- XP boost x100K, Money x322KK

Code is hidden! Get

- Gems x887K

Code is hidden! Get

- 30% XP boost x1


Through your card, players can receive the heaviest and most expensive weapons. KARDS – The WW2 Card Game meets the most intense mind games. The gameplay it creates stimulates the gray matter and thoughts of the experience. You must meet these fierce battles of wits, and traditional CCG gameplay helps you master it faster. Both the process of proficiency and professionalism will be concise; users must take advantage of this time to accumulate a large amount of knowledge. In addition, your match will also leave you with perfect gold items.

If you win, the rewards also increase according to the map played. The harder it is, the more rewards are added; you can use this abundant resource to boost the cards. Level them up or choose to open cards to stimulate your play. Make your squad comprehensive, taking your inspiration to empower the cards. This is a real battle of wits between men and strategists.


As someone with a natural talent for management and battle tactics, we believe a purge will occur soon. Destroy all achievements of the empire you encounter. Call out the most potent cards that can be mentioned, such as tanks, soldiers, heavy aircraft, etc. All are in your card collection, depending on how you activate them to give us a beautiful performance. Show off your military talent with ten battles, win for yourself, and affirm your intellectual power before everyone.