Set aside times of the day to be able to experience different games. Even if you are too busy with daily tasks, it’s okay. Today once again CodesLL brings to the audience a series of super hot codes. Belongs to the role-playing genre and is called Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy. This is considered the most worth-playing free app this summer.

Jade Dynasty New Fantasy

List of Latest Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- This is the latest of Jade Dynasty New Fantasy with a pretty good gift, but the quantity is limited

Code is hidden! Get

- A rookie bonus for new players

  1. ZVMQT97U (Valid until August 20, 2024)
  2. IFKOGJW (Valid until August 21, 2024)
  3. VZPON (Valid until August 19, 2024)
  4. 1NHMP (Valid until August 14, 2024)
  5. I7YA2 (Valid until August 21, 2024)
  6. NT3ZMR0 (Valid until August 24, 2024)
  7. SIZM87 (Valid until August 14, 2024)
  8. YVD3FKH (Valid until September 10, 2024)
  9. 4VMCAO (Valid until August 2, 2024)
  10. NYZWIBU (Valid until August 4, 2024)
  11. C7WLS (Valid until August 12, 2024)
  12. 8PCZF (Valid until August 15, 2024)
  13. D0T7BA4 (Valid until July 24, 2024)
  14. RIVZ6E (Expiration date June 7, 2024)
  15. MUKX1GJ (Expiration date June 19, 2024)
  16. 25OWSFAN (Expiration date July 12, 2024)
  17. 6HTK7DR9U (Expiration date July 6, 2024)
  18. F4DUQPVO (Expiration date July 10, 2024)
  19. CO3AWI (Expiration date July 6, 2024)
  20. 5GA2HF (Expiration date June 17, 2024)
Code is hidden! Get

- This is the second reward we collected, it’s also pretty good

Code is hidden! Get

- This is a VIP code, I don’t remember when but its value is quite large

Code is hidden! Get

- It is same as above code, same value, is a VIP code

Code is hidden! Get

- Use to exchange some mixed items

Code is hidden! Get

- This is the last code we collected, hope it still works

How to redeem code

Step 1: Log into the game Jade Dynasty New Fantasy now and select the character avatar.

Step 2: Select “Settings” and go to the ‘Redeem Code’ section.

Step 3: Enter our free code and press “Confirm”.

Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Codes

About the game

Have you wanted to pick up the phone and download this game right away? If so, scroll down below to click the download button. If you successfully install it on your device, you can join the community. Not to mention the gifts for the rookie position. It will be the profit that helps the player have the best start possible. Let’s conquer the role-playing gameplay and this fiery skill Pk.

Defeat the biggest competitors in the arena of glory. Chance to receive countless gifts dropped from enemies. As long as you successfully finish off the opponent, the items will be transferred to the backpack immediately. Use potions and herbs to support the player during low health. Or at the most stuck, use it to change the situation.

Whether you are a new player or a pro. Remember to just log in every day and work hard. The rewards have already reached unimaginable numbers. As for why we explain it like that, you should still check it out directly. Invite your friends to hit the download button and share the good memories.

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Codes FAQ

How often are new Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy codes released?
Answer: New Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy codes are typically released monthly, coinciding with special events or promotions within the game.

Can Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy codes be used multiple times?
Answer: No, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy codes are usually for one-time use only and cannot be used again once they have been redeemed.

Are there any restrictions on who can use Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy codes?
Answer: Yes, some codes may be limited to certain regions or player levels, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of each code before attempting to redeem it.