UpdateNovember 10, 2022
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Surely every player would love to experience the wonderland. It’s not simple, but this is a hot topic exploited by creators. Hidden deep inside are the fantasies of gamers. Become a fairy sword to serve the mission of the fairy. You will be assigned a very important responsibility in the playground of the fairies. Grab this great opportunity to change your life.

Immortal Legend

All Immortal Legend Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- This is the weekend code of this game, it is valid until April 9, 2022. The portion is usually secret unless you claim the reward

Some common rookie codes: 0S2AQIA06Y, YubTYM77, HappyGame88, 8232AB5UY2, D4EXWO6E76, KRG166XOSB, DFCUzy88

How to enter the code

Step 1: Open Immortal Legend and navigate to the ‘Benefits Hall’ section at the top left of the game screen.

Step 2: A new tab opens, you just need to click on the ‘CDK’ tab. Enter the codes above in the ‘Please enter CDK’ box.

Step 4: Click the ‘Request’ button and you will get your reward.

Immortal Legend Codes

What are Immortal Legend Cheats?

Your glory and wealth are all decided on these trips. One is to have it all, and the other is to start over and restart the original chance. All players will still get their own bloody experience. From there, you add a deeper role to the character. Constantly trying to rise to the top of the elves. Defeat worthy opponents to reach the top.

There’s not much time left for you to get used to fighting. In fact, it will help users learn faster. Seize the situation to launch powerful attacks aimed at opponents. The mechanics of the game are simple, but it brings excitement and frequent levels. In just a few short days of experience, players were able to grasp all the features.

Immortal Legend Cheats

Make miracles with the player’s fairy-tale character. Each swordsman possesses the maximum amount of hidden power. Awaken the power hidden deep inside them by participating in boss battles, PVP. Awaken your power by equipping yourself with the best weapons and items. It’s really simple and easy to play, isn’t it?

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