UpdateSeptember 28, 2023
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Idol Queens Production is a game dedicated to audiences who love idols’ lives. This application will allow users to transform into a KOL or model. A new image that has a direct influence on social networks as well as young people. You will become a living star in the hearts of fans, igniting your passion through each selection round. As I said, Idol Queens Production is the most complete simulation playground of idols’ lives. You will live the daily life of these people; you will experience their social life activities.

Idol Queens Production

List of Idol Queens Production Codes

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- Gold x677K, Money x5,000,000, Star x1500

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- A set of random costumes x1, Money x3,200,000

Code is hidden! Get

- Star x2339, Money x1,420,000

Idol Queens Production Tier List

Regularly updating the news to know more about the social network phenomenon, players will have to play the role of beauties with stunning beauty. With a top-notch voice or outstanding features that can appeal to young people. But you quickly gained a foothold in showbiz, an internet phenomenon that made fans struggling for days. As a music idol, you must practice and hone your dance skills. Dancing with friends and enjoying the elegant melodies of famous songs, players must try every day to become a new idol.

Idol Queens Production will take you to more practical activities such as the practice, rest, and fashion rooms if your main focus is intense singing and dancing performances. Choosing clothes to express your elegant qualities is common sense. Players must select flashy outfits for their idols. You can select pink dresses or sexy costumes for them.

Idol Queens Production Codes

Help them increase their nobility and elegance through the clothes you choose. Wearing gorgeous dresses will make your party exciting and fiery with wild dances. The dance that many players find difficult to describe in words is recreated here. Diverse and rich activities help you freely choose. You can chat with NPC characters to understand more about the game plot. Meet more characters during my practice—debut with the shining ability of an emerging idol. You are the internet phenomenon that many people look forward to the most. Over time, players will own expensive clothes, and their reputation will skyrocket.

Idol Queens Production Codes FAQ

1. How do I unlock new idol characters in Idol Queens Production codes?

To unlock new idol characters in Idol Queens Production codes, you need to achieve certain milestones and goals within the game. These may include reaching a certain level, completing specific tasks or challenges, or accumulating a certain amount of in-game currency. As you progress through the game and meet these requirements, new idol characters will become available for you to unlock and play with.

2. What are the different types of performances in Idol Queens Production codes?

In Idol Queens Production codes, there are several types of performances that you can participate in. These include solo performances, group performances, and live concerts. Each type of performance offers a unique gameplay experience and challenges. Solo performances allow you to showcase the skills of one idol character, while group performances involve coordinating and harmonizing with other idol characters. Live concerts are large-scale events where you can perform in front of virtual audiences and compete with other players to earn rewards and recognition.

3. How can I improve my idol characters' skills and attributes in Idol Queens Production codes?

In order to improve your idol characters' skills and attributes in Idol Queens Production codes, you can engage in various activities within the game. One way is to participate in training sessions, where you can focus on specific attributes such as vocal, dance, or charisma. These sessions will help your idol characters gain experience and level up their skills. Additionally, participating in performances and completing missions and quests will also contribute to the growth and development of your idol characters, allowing them to become more talented and successful in their careers.