UpdateFebruary 28, 2024
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Idle Superpower School is where superheroes are trained to save the world. A simulation and high-level management game that expands the ideals of players. Play the role of a companion of heroes, saving humanity from bad guys. Before the battle, you must practice regularly with modern machines to increase your strength. It is set in the context of humankind facing many threats from villains. Many heroes tried their best to fight against the dark organization, forcing them to roll down minefields. Fight to win the remaining ray of hope for humanity.

Idle Superpower School

List of Idle Superpower School Codes

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- Gems x556, Money x200K, Stars x100K

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- Money x771K, Gems x100

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- Star x322K, Gems x1550

Idle Superpower School Tier List

As a hero, you will always want to contribute to your country and homeland. The will to rescue your loved ones and protect your family strengthens you. You will have to face many unexpected situations on the way to save the city. To react quickly and promptly, players need to learn from their predecessors. Being a simulation game, users can promptly put heroes into training. Let them tour the different classrooms, each with its facilities. Consult the rooms to participate in hero strength training plans.

As a teacher in a hero school, you must manage this young class well. Help them achieve their peak state and performance. A learning attitude will help players be highly appreciated in the eyes of the audience. Receive rewards when completing daily system tasks. Players must perform different tasks, from easy to complex, each new day. Completing them as progress will help you accumulate a large amount of resources. Coins and crystals will be two values to convert to a measure like money. You can use them to unlock superheroes of many different levels.

The more money you spend on shopping, the more quality heroes you can bring to your school. To quickly earn a large sum of money, players need to embark on the journey of managing young people in school from now on. Every day, players must lead them to the training machine, take care of them, rest, and combine it with high-intensity training. By all means, you must help these hero classes quickly mature so they can join the army.

Idle Superpower School Codes FAQ

How can I increase my power level in Idle Superpower School?

Answer: To increase your power level in Idle Superpower School, focus on completing quests, upgrading your characters' abilities, and participating in events to earn experience and resources.

What are the best strategies for acquiring more rewards in Idle Superpower School?

Answer: Some of the best strategies for acquiring more rewards in Idle Superpower School include participating in daily challenges, completing achievements, and actively participating in events and battles to earn valuable resources and items.

Are there any tips for optimizing my team composition in Idle Superpower School?

Answer: Yes, you can optimize your team composition in Idle Superpower School by carefully choosing characters with complementary abilities, upgrading their skills, and forming alliances with other players to take on more challenging opponents.