UpdateSeptember 22, 2023
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Heroes of Mythic Might will take you to a world where the gods live together. There is a rich storyline, and you must overcome many challenges to uncover its depths. Spirit flows through it all! Game Features Immerse yourself in a beautiful chivalry style.

Heroes of Mythic Might

Heroes of Mythic Might Codes List

Code is hidden! Get

- Using the code, you will get Colorful Stones x2300, Heavenly Coin x25, and Advanced Thunder-Proof Talismans x5.

Code is hidden! Get

- Get it now Divine Spirit Shard x120, Advance Summoning Tickets x20, Normal Thunder Vaults x17

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Click on the “Avatar” icon in the game.

Step 2: Then select “Settings” => “Gift code”.

Step 3: Enter the code and click “Confirm” to receive the reward immediately.

What are Heroes of Mythic Might?

The entire game world is rendered in an elegant Chinese aesthetic so that you can be completely immersed in the current setting. Everything from portraits, cartoon models, and full-length UI designs, every inch of the screen is filled with authentic Chinese art.

Heroes of Mythic Might Redeem

No tedious exploit sets; you also have to forget about combat. Set up your heroes’ squad, send them into battle, and watch your heroes fight automatically for you. Brighten the battlefield with these amazing attack effects that you will never tire of looking at. Vivid graphic effects bring the best experience.

There are also warm-up contests with many attractive prizes. Commemorating the stellar achievements of the top players in each major region, we’ve also curated the return of two UR heroes who shone in the event for a limited time! They are Garudas that can restore health and shields, silently counter critical attacks, and have powerful life-saving nightmares.

Heroes of Mythic Might Codes FAQ

1. How can I unlock new heroes in Heroes of Mythic Might?

Answer: To unlock new heroes in the game, you can either progress through the storyline and complete quests, or participate in special events and challenges. By successfully completing these tasks, you'll earn rewards that may include new hero units for your roster.

2. What are the different gameplay modes available in Heroes of Mythic Might?

Answer: Heroes of Mythic Might offers multiple gameplay modes for players to enjoy. These include the Campaign mode, where you can engage in an epic storyline, as well as the Arena mode, where you can battle other players in PvP combat. Additionally, there are special events, guild activities, and daily challenges to keep you engaged.

3. How do I enhance and upgrade my heroes in Heroes of Mythic Might?

Answer: To enhance and upgrade your heroes, first, collect the necessary resources by participating in battles and completing quests. Once you have enough resources, navigate to the Heroes menu and select the hero you wish to upgrade. From there, you can use the collected resources to level up their skills, increase their stats, and even unlock new abilities. Don't forget to equip powerful equipment and artifacts to further enhance their capabilities.