The dream starts in the world of new novas Heir of Light Eclipse. Players can open a new era for themselves in the exciting return match. A strategic contest that few can control. The game is gradually getting more intense; users must focus more on the end. It is known that the system has added clone activities and events for rookies. Explore the dark universe; players will be on an adventure in the magical land. Against the despair that the devil has spread to humanity, being a child of the brave god, I believe you can do. Open the invitation to the heroes, and lead them on the path to glory. Dive into the story of the native gods; you are the representative of the gods, and the goddess Ludmilla awaits you.

Heir of Light Eclipse

List of Heir of Light Eclipse Gift Codes

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- Karat x5000, Gold x400,000, Summon Shard (Rage) x420, Summon Store Chest x5

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- Goddess’s Gift (M) x7, Karat x500, Summon Store Chest x9, Gold x200,000

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- Karat x899, Random 5-star Hero x2, Gold x125.000, Summon Shard (Rage) x1000

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game, tap Profile => Account => Community.

Step 2: When you reach this step, select Next Menu => Redeem coupon.

Step 3: Enter our gift code and get rewarded.

Heir of Light Eclipse Tips

A new mission, a new friend is waiting for you to make friends. Interact with other users in the Community. Connect with multiple users to create a new alliance. Start with unlocking new life heroes and enhancing their star level. Each champion has unique skills; players must open the door to their breakthrough. Gather strong heirs to the team, allow them to play, and prove their strength.

Heir of Light Eclipse Codes

Unify the whole team, and unlock the evil card you have been cooking for a long time. Build a unique deck with a variety of strategies. For quests and online duplication, you are participating in more complex factions. Each of your matches will be divided into different sections. Players must be more active in their play, making money from the boss hunt. Newly invested PVP and PVE content brings moments of tension to users. Follow your undefeated streak and put your name on the leaderboard.

Sweeping new areas, all maps will be scrolled by you a few times—benefit from an idle farm, rewards throughout Pk. Day and night players can sign up for unlimited copies. Visit the shops to pick out the necessary equipment and items. They are inheriting the goals and strivings of the forerunners, creating sublime achievements that are hard to resist. The hands-free play mechanism is being tested so that beginners can try this feature first.


Heir of Light Eclipse Codes FAQ


Can I share HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse codes with friends?

Answer: Yes, you can share the HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse codes with your friends. Sharing codes can help each other progress in the game and enjoy the benefits of the Eclipse codes together.


What are the benefits of using HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse codes?

Answer: Using HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse codes can provide various in-game rewards such as exclusive items, currency, or special characters that can greatly enhance your gaming experience and progress.


Are HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse codes permanent or time-limited?

Answer: HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse codes are typically time-limited, meaning they have an expiration date. It's important to use them before the specified time to ensure you can claim the rewards associated with the code.

UpdateApril 10, 2024
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