UpdateJune 3, 2023
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Hearthstone is a card strategy game with giant cards, adventures, arena mode, and constant updates. First, you’ll go through training to be taught the fundamentals of combat and how to best act in battle.


Codes List

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- Get a matching wall instantly after using this code

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- Get 3 random legendary hero cards

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How to Redeem Code

You can enter the code on the website or right in the game. To join a gift code on the web, with three steps:

Step 1: Visit the homepage   Hearthstone and log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to the section Change code and enter [ code in the box.

Step 3: Click Redeem and get the reward.

For in-game:

Step 1: On the Games tab, find the Settings icon.

Step 2: On the Store tab, click Services

Step 3: Click Redeem Code to get the reward.

Hearthstone Codes

What is Hearthstone?

There are a lot of cards in the game, and each time there are more. And don’t leave it empty, Maryana: In addition to the classic cards, there are also cards from summoner spells. Both creatures and spells can act as cards. Each card has its own cost and attack and health stats; Charms have several effects.

Battles occur in interactive locations, where players take turns placing creatures on the battlefield and trying to destroy enemy characters. If you’re tired of the usual game mode, you can head to the arena to battle a random hero and a randomly assembled deck of cards. Depending on the number of wins, you will receive a reward: a booster (a set of cards), gold, and dust (to create a new card).

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