Hazmob FPS – Online Multiplayer FPS Shooting Game is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. We will send you many newbie gifts to make getting used to the game more accessible.

Hazmob FPS

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- After using this code, you will get some cool skins for your weapon

Code is hidden! Get

- Give away an equipment set including grenades, guns, and valuable armor purchased directly in the store


The gameplay of the Hazmob FPS game is very similar to the famous competitive shooter Counter-Strike. Players are divided into two teams, one of which is a terrorist and the other that acts as a special force. You need to make the maximum number of frames for your team to win in each round. From weapons, we are offered several types of pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles, grenades, etc. Become the MVP and help your teammates win. Between levels, you’ll return to the main menu, where you can buy new guns, additional gear, and cool skins with the proceeds.

Hazmob: FPS Gun Shooting Games Codes FAQ

How can I unlock new weapons in Hazmob: FPS Gun Shooting Games?

To unlock new weapons in Hazmob, you can either reach specific levels to unlock them automatically or purchase them with in-game currency earned by completing missions or challenges.

Are there different game modes in Hazmob: FPS Gun Shooting Games?

Yes, Hazmob offers various game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free-For-All, and more. Each game mode provides a unique gaming experience and challenges for players to enjoy.

Can I customize my character in Hazmob: FPS Gun Shooting Games?

Absolutely! In Hazmob, you can customize your character’s appearance, gear, weapons skins, and accessories to create a personalized playing experience. You can unlock additional customization options as you progress through the game.