Guns of Glory – a classic MMO strategy game for mobile devices. Lead the lords and try to become a powerful ruler by taking the crown of fate from the clutches of the cardinal. You have to go through a lot and make friends with three famous musketeers. Together, you can do more than alone. For example, build a castle and an airship, start a war and destroy the bad guys.

Guns of Glory

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Use the code to get 999 Gold, x40 5m Speedup, x9 Small Guardian Components, x6 Small Airship EXP, x12 Small Lord EXP

Code is hidden! Get

- With this code, you will immediately receive Speedup 24h x10, x99 Small Lord EXP, and 300 gold for free

Code is hidden! Get

- You will immediately receive 3000 gold along with x20 Speedup 24h

How to Redeem

Step 1: Open the game Guns of Glory and go to the Lords Profile in the top corner of your screen.

Step 2: The ‘Settings’ section appears. Find the ‘Gift Code’ and click on it.

Step 3: Enter the code in the box   ‘Enter your Gift Code here. Then press ‘Redeem Code,’ and the reward will be yours.

What is Guns of Glory?

Guns of Glory is a whole new level of military strategy. All events of this game will take place in real-time. You will be able to upgrade your army, make it even more potent, and fight opponents worldwide.

Complete the quest way

Players will have to equip their castle and surrounding areas, building various sawmills and barracks. Each building performed a specific function aimed at strengthening the kingdom. Gradually, the player will gain more and more power, but it must be confirmed in battles with other users. To stay competitive, you need to complete missions and get extra resources. In the end, only one lord can become the ruler of a kingdom.

Guns of Glory Codes

Variety of game weapons

Make the most of the features prepared by the developer: create and train your army of invincible warriors, manage resources, set traps, and deal maximum damage in battle. All of these are one small step towards becoming a mighty empire. Enjoy breathtaking fighting with various weapons and games that will give you the full presence effect.

Conquer territories

Choose the strategy and tactics of the battle, and try to reach your goal in the shortest time possible. So gradually, you will be able to create a mighty empire by participating in competitions and capturing territories. A mod that earns a lot of money will allow you to do this faster. In terms of graphics and performance in general, Guns of Glory is more reminiscent of the games we love to play on desktop and laptop computers, the pictures can even be called stale, but this doesn’t make it any better. Make the game less enjoyable.

Guns of Glory: Asia Codes FAQ

1. Can I use Guns of Glory: Asia codes more than once?

Answer: No, each code for Guns of Glory: Asia can typically only be used once per account. Once a code has been redeemed, it cannot be used again.

2. How often are new codes released for Guns of Glory: Asia?

Answer: New codes for Guns of Glory: Asia are released periodically by the developers as part of events, promotions, or special campaigns. Stay updated by following the official game channels for announcements.

3. Are there specific requirements to meet before I can use a Guns of Glory: Asia code?

Answer: Some Guns of Glory: Asia codes may have certain requirements that must be met before they can be redeemed, such as reaching a certain level in the game, completing specific tasks, or joining a particular alliance. Make sure to check the conditions before trying to use a code.