UpdateFebruary 29, 2024
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Family Hotel – Buying an old hotel, she had no idea she would encounter an old family mystery. It turns out that once her family and Max’s family founded this academy together. Their grandparents worked side by side, each contributing. But then something happened and Price left, but Max’s grandfather stayed. As the years go by, the hotel falls into disrepair, and only Max remains there, willing to do whatever it takes to restore a good reputation to his family and organization.

Family Hotel

However, not having enough money for this, he had to sell the second part of the hotel that Emily bought. Her arrival was an unpleasant surprise for Max. After all, the guy from childhood heard stories about Gia’s cunning.

His grandfather blamed Emily’s own grandfather for the collapse of the joint career. The girl herself did not know anything about it. She doesn’t want to be a coach leader. Emily, on the other hand, is determined to change things here. She has her own reasons – since childhood, the girl has not been taken seriously, her older sister, who also has a hotel, laughs at her and prepares for the first test – to send her friend to make guests.

Family Hotel game Cheats

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Combination quest

Now it is important to complete three tasks: combine with Max, begin work on rebuilding the hotel and prepare for the visit of an important guest, on which the future fate of the establishment depends. into someone’s opinion. And then suddenly appeared Uncle Max – Javert! He dreams of destroying the hotel and getting insurance for it.

Family Hotel Cheats

Simple gameplay

This is how events play out in the game Family Hotel, here it is important to help the heroes for a common goal. At first, Max and Emily will swear, that they have different personalities and haunting family histories. But a common goal will unite the owners. To quickly restore the hotel, gamers will have to solve match-3 puzzles using various boosters. A mod for money that will solve the financial problem. You will be able to buy various useful things in the game store.

Family Hotel Codes FAQ

How do I earn more coins in Family Hotel: love & match-3?

To earn more coins in Family Hotel: love & match-3, try completing levels with special combinations or power-ups. You can also earn coins by participating in daily challenges and completing tasks within the game.

Can I play Family Hotel: love & match-3 offline?

Yes, you can play Family Hotel: love & match-3 offline. The game features an offline mode that allows you to continue playing and enjoying the game even when you are not connected to the internet.

What are the best strategies for completing difficult levels in Family Hotel: love & match-3?

To complete difficult levels in Family Hotel: love & match-3, try combining special power-ups and boosters to clear the obstacles. Focus on creating chain reactions and using the limited moves wisely to maximize your chances of success.