Evil Hunter Tycoon – the main character’s village with the only survivor in the area. After the attack of the Dark Sovereigns, the surrounding lands were destroyed, and the inhabitants were killed. The hero will have to rise, defend his land and deal with cunning enemies.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

List of Codes

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How to Redeem Code

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Step 2: Enter the code you copied above and paste it into the blank box ‘Please enter coupon code’ => ‘Register for Coupon.’

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Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes

What is Evil Hunter Tycoon?

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a pixel art adventure RPG with a massive set of missions and addictive gameplay. Destruction can be restored over time, and people will also forget the deprivation. After all, before the world shines, evil appears – the Dark Lord with his countless army. They destroyed everything in their path without meeting excellent resistance. Only the hero manages to protect the village.

You can recruit warriors for your detachment and gradually destroy the enemy and clear the lands among the civilians. Each warrior is unique in their way, and they are the hunter. It is essential to evaluate a recruit’s equipment before recruitment to prepare the army fully.

Build your base

The Dark Lord destroyed nearly all life in one of the imaginary worlds. You must go to the ruined city to restore it and help train brave monster hunters. To recharge, you will need to construct new buildings where hunters live and train. You can send them to clear territories, where they will automatically fight goblins, orcs, skeletons, and demons. Get and complete quests, go to dungeons, participate in boss fights, and don’t forget PvP mode.

Dangerous Dungeons

Able to assemble a team of legendary hunters, they are not afraid of any enemies and are ready to fight the forces of darkness. Killed enemies will drop gold coins and valuable loot. In addition to open fields, there are dangerous dungeons and other locations exploring you can find treasures. Only the brave can banish darkness so that former peace and prosperity return to their homeland.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes FAQ

Are there any special codes that can give me exclusive items or rewards in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

Answer: Yes, the developers of Evil Hunter Tycoon occasionally release special codes that can provide players with exclusive items, rewards, or in-game currency. Keep an eye on the game’s official social media channels or community forums to stay updated on any new codes that are released.

How long do the codes in Evil Hunter Tycoon usually remain valid for?

Answer: The validity period of codes in Evil Hunter Tycoon can vary depending on the specific promotion or event for which they are released. Some codes may only be valid for a limited time, while others may have a longer redemption window. It’s always a good idea to redeem codes as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on any rewards.

Can I use the same code multiple times in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

Answer: No, codes in Evil Hunter Tycoon are typically designed to be used only once per player account. Attempting to use the same code multiple times will usually result in an error message indicating that the code has already been redeemed. Make sure to enter each code correctly and only once to successfully claim your rewards.