Dream Zone is a great casual game in which the male user will have to play the role of a decent family man while not forgetting about all kinds of male “joys.” Players will have to communicate with different characters, earn diamonds to buy clothes and gifts, and plan various activities to spend time with their wives, children, and mistress.

Dream Zone Codes List

Nhận lấy Money x505K, Energy x660, Diamonds x330.

You will get x544 Diamonds, x100 Energy.

The reward is a Diamond x1000

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the Dream Zone game and go to Settings.

Step 2: The Enter code section appears; you must paste the code in the blank box and click OK to receive the reward.

Dream Zone Wiki

Dream Zone is suitable for the genre, made with trace graphics, and has interactive gameplay. Fans of the genre are provided with relative freedom of action because the development of events case in one direction or another will depend on their decision.

See what events will happen soon in your family’s life, and to strengthen the relationship, try to give gifts to your wife or children. Use mods for diamonds to avoid long-term monetization in various mini-games, and do not complete many additional quests and immediately start preparing for the celebration. Try to clear the table and buy flowers after carefully determining which flowers your spouse likes.

Having marked the date, go to your mistress and take all precautions so that no one doubts you about anything. Act as carefully as possible to give your lover perfume or sweets and have fun with her. Carefully familiarize yourself with the role of a caring husband again and return home, destroying any evidence that might reveal you’re authentic” “fa”e.” Open the calendar and see what the next family vacation is.


Dream Zone Codes FAQ

What are the different types of in-game currency in Dream Zone: My Love Fantasy?

Answer: In Dream Zone: My Love Fantasy, there are two main types of in-game currency: Diamonds and Coins. Diamonds are the premium currency used for purchasing special items and speeding up processes, while Coins are the standard currency used for everyday purchases and activities within the game.

How can I earn free Diamonds in Dream Zone: My Love Fantasy?

Answer: You can earn free Diamonds in Dream Zone: My Love Fantasy by completing daily tasks, participating in special events, and watching ads. Additionally, you may also receive Diamonds as rewards for reaching certain milestones or completing achievements within the game.

What are the benefits of using codes in Dream Zone: My Love Fantasy?

Answer: Using codes in Dream Zone: My Love Fantasy can provide various benefits such as receiving free Diamonds, exclusive items, or special rewards. These codes are often made available during promotional events, and entering them in the game can enhance your overall gaming experience and progress.

UpdateApril 14, 2024
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