UpdateSeptember 23, 2023
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City Island 3 is built on the same principles as the previous two games in this series. The island you must develop first is no different from all the other islands. This is just an open part of the territory, where you will be trained to be the sole owner of the island and city in the future.

City Island 3

City Island 3 Codes List 2023

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- Enter the code to receive x600K money and x200 Gold immediately.

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- With this new code, you get x460 Gold.

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- Use this code to be able to own 300K coins.

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open City Island 3, look to the corner of the screen, and click Settings.

Step 2: Roll your eyes back and forth and go to the Redeem Code section, enter the code in the empty box and receive the reward.

What is City Island 3?

The learning process is concise and includes familiarizing the game’s mechanics. Here you will learn how to construct buildings and roads and use the game and real currency. Your ultimate goal is a thriving and prosperous city, and when you reach that goal, you’ll be able to decide for yourself what to invest your earnings in.

City Island 3 Codes

But most of the game time is spent arranging the island and looking for additional funding. To do this, you will have to look for opportunities to attract new residents to the city, and they will only appear if you provide them with comfortable housing. To earn money, you will initially have to build various commercial buildings, distributing them over a relatively large territory on your island. This will allow for additional funding and the construction of new residential and public facilities. But you can use a lot of money. It will make your life easier in this game.

The game’s graphics are no different and are made at the level of all other construction simulators created by other developers. But you can’t call it bad, either. These are 2D images. The animation and sound design look good too. You can download City Island 3, like the previous two installments in this series, on our Android apps and games website. This is an excellent opportunity to try yourself as an architect and mayor of your city, securing your entrepreneurial and organizational talents.

City Island 3 Codes FAQ

1. How can I unlock more buildings in City Island 3 - Building Sim?


In order to unlock more buildings in City Island 3 - Building Sim, you need to reach higher levels and earn experience points. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new building types and structures to enhance and expand your city.

2. What are the benefits of using cheat codes in City Island 3 - Building Sim?


Using cheat codes in City Island 3 - Building Sim can provide various benefits, such as gaining unlimited in-game currency, accelerating construction times, or unlocking exclusive buildings. These cheats are usually designed to make the gameplay more enjoyable and allow players to progress faster.

3. Can I share cheat codes for City Island 3 - Building Sim with other players?


Sharing cheat codes for City Island 3 - Building Sim with other players is generally possible. However, it is essential to consider the terms and conditions of the game, as some developers may have restrictions against sharing codes publicly. It is always recommended to consult the game's official forums or community pages to ensure the codes can be shared without violating any rules.