Call Me Emperor will bring the hero to the world of Chinese emperors. At the start, you will be able to choose whether you will be the Emperor or the queen. Get ready because many state jobs will pour on your head, demanding your attention. The development of the economy will fill the treasury by providing the necessary funds.

Call Me Emperor

List of Redemption Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Specially worthy rewards will appear after using

Code is hidden! Get

- A small gift will be sent to your inventory after using the code

  1. EOAYU6 (Valid until August 23, 2024)
  2. D9GYHRM (Valid until August 12, 2024)
  3. 7VL05M6 (Valid until August 6, 2024)
  4. 53TVQB67 (Valid until August 8, 2024)
  5. K5BW61PY (Valid until August 9, 2024)
  6. PAO6W41 (Valid until July 28, 2024)
  7. 2M75436V (Valid until August 30, 2024)
  8. 87M3I (Valid until August 22, 2024)
  9. V8MPU (Valid until August 2, 2024)
  10. M7N5U1JA0 (Expiration date May 20, 2024)
  11. TSCBPG (Expiration date July 3, 2024)
  12. MKQA13L (Expiration date June 20, 2024)
  13. D3IO67EF (Expiration date June 14, 2024)
  14. UQP67V (Expiration date June 15, 2024)
  15. HWIFYO49J (Expiration date June 5, 2024)
  16. 9N3ETF7KM (Expiration date June 9, 2024)
  17. XJMFNE (Expiration date July 3, 2024)
Code is hidden! Get

- This is the latest code from this game, with a beginner bonus

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- Get 500 Gold immediately after using this special code

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: To enter the code, you must visit the publisher’s website by accessing the link

Step 2: Next, you will log in to your Call Me Emperor account in Exchange Center.

Step 3: You go to the option Blind Account and fill in the information. Copy and paste the code into Gift Code => “Sent” to receive the reward.

Call Me Emperor Codes

What is Call Me Emperor?

To learn more about the lives of their people, the rulers went on an anonymous journey. You can also do the same because this is more than possible in the game I Am the Emperor. You need to choose a route. To continue and strengthen the dynasty, choose a wife from the most beautiful girls.

Defeat all enemies

Remember that you will be surrounded by sleeping enemies and see how to capture your land. Do not sit idly by. Strengthen the border by creating and training a strong army. Victory over your enemies will allow you to expand your possessions and strengthen your empire even further. It is impossible to cover all aspects alone, so hire advisors who will become your trusted assistant in managing an ever-growing power. It will be possible to develop the skills of ministers at the Academy, where they will be trained.

Call Me Emperor Redemption Codes

Organization of dynasties

Players will be able to train their children and prepare a worthy heir to the throne. Find the right couples for your children by organizing dynastic marriages and strengthening your country’s standing in the international arena. Join alliances to become stronger. Together, you can participate in an allied war. This is how you test your skills and the empire’s strength in battle.

Well-earned cheats will help you grow your empire and army a lot faster. Try your hand at the most vigorous opponents and prove that you are the best ruler!

Call Me Emperor Codes FAQ

How can I increase my power and influence in Call Me Emperor?

Answer: To increase your power and influence in Call Me Emperor, focus on upgrading your buildings, recruiting powerful generals, participating in events to earn rewards, and forming alliances with other players.

What strategies should I use in battles in Call Me Emperor?

Answer: In battles, make sure to arrange your generals strategically based on their strengths and weaknesses. Use skills and formations wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents. Pay attention to the battlefield terrain and adjust your tactics accordingly.

How can I manage my resources efficiently in Call Me Emperor?

Answer: To manage your resources efficiently in Call Me Emperor, prioritize upgrading resource-generating buildings, trade with other players to acquire scarce resources, and participate in events that offer resource rewards. Plan your resource allocation carefully to ensure a steady supply for your empire’s growth.