Blockfield invites the bravest adventurers and real foodies to join epic battles on a dizzying journey through virtual reality. Players feel they are in a dangerous world where survival depends only on the availability of powerful equipment and skills.


In the entertainment industry, everything is built on team competitions. In each duel, gamers can show their outstanding abilities, enjoy enchanting battles from the heart, plunge into desperate battles to test the strength of their characters, and appease—their nerves.

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    How to Redeem Code

    Step 1: Open BLOCKFIELD – 5v5 shooter game and go to settings.

    Step 2: Scroll to the PromoCional section and enter our reward in the box.

    Step 3: Get the reward you deserve.

    Blockfield Codes

    What is Blockfield?

    In Blockfield’s recreation, each battle is played out with the participation of two teams of 5 brave heroes. The main task is to destroy the opponents using personal strategic skills and powerful equipment. The outcome of the battles largely depends on the abilities of each gamer. Here, exceptional endurance and the ability to focus in difficult situations quickly will also come in handy. There is no success without marksmanship in battles, and therefore, you should first practice thoroughly, improving your skills.

    Access to all kinds of equipment

    When passing the next test, the player will earn a certain amount of coins. A particular currency allows you to gradually increase the skills of your warriors, opening up access to more effective equipment. However, cheats that make a lot of money will help speed up accumulating money.

    Blockfield Promo Code

    Now, gamers will be able to equip their chosen characters in the shortest possible time and send them to explore colorful locations, crushing powerful opponents. But at the same time, it won’t hurt to use some unconventional strategies. Well-designed and well-finished tactics allow you to achieve your goals much faster.

    Multiple game modes

    Choose the game mode that interests you and go to one of the dozens of locations where team battles against real players await you. Use the multi-position joystick to move through the levels, find enemies and shoot them in the head. The missions are different, and sometimes you need to destroy the opponent’s team to win the round, make the maximum number, defuse bombs, or be a sniper. Win, be the most helpful player on the team and earn lots of money to buy new skins and more extraordinary weapons.