Age of Magic is an exciting fantasy adventure that millions of players around the world have immersed themselves in. Fans of the MMORPG genre have come to appreciate the exciting turn-based battles that take place in several colorful locations. But most importantly – raid – a new multiplayer mode in which you can join clans and work together to destroy enemies.

Age of Magic

List of Age of Magic Codes

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  3. FVC7I9YL (Valid until July 15, 2024)
  4. C3JSZW9N (Valid until July 21, 2024)
  5. 5RTUVSB3 (Valid until July 29, 2024)
  6. 5FM97JI (Valid until September 5, 2024)
  7. 9LOB6Q (Valid until July 10, 2024)
  8. 1PZ2G9JU (Valid until July 14, 2024)
  9. 17KBPD (Valid until September 3, 2024)
  10. 9JBRND (Valid until August 10, 2024)
  11. TYGFHU0 (Expiration date May 10, 2024)
  12. GVWE2C9S (Expiration date June 12, 2024)
  13. L106OBXD (Expiration date June 29, 2024)
  14. QKXLM1D (Expiration date June 20, 2024)
  15. TC1L0HDE (Expiration date July 6, 2024)
  16. SNDIHXF (Expiration date June 29, 2024)

About the game

The authors of Age of Magic have prepared three raids, and each raid will be interesting in its way. By fighting in them, you can obtain various types of gear, as well as replenish your collection of raid tokens, which can then be exchanged in the raid shop for elements of the raid. Unique heroes. A well-earned mod will also allow you to open access to the capabilities of this android game.

Age of Magic Codes

Age of Magic Cheats

Your team can include representatives of different factions, there are dozens of them: elves, demons, dragons, swamp witches, koalas, assassins, ra’arch, and a bear witch bamboo. Together with them you will find yourself in different battle arenas and have the opportunity to become the winner of the war of real wizards and decide the fate of the world.

Age of Magic Cheats

Gather the best in your ranks, equip them with swords and magic, and make them stronger using a variety of pumping options. The legions of demons are at hand and, as the prophecy said, only a true mage can find the Dark Tower and stop them.

Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG Codes FAQ

How do I unlock new characters in Age of Magic?

To unlock new characters in Age of Magic, you can either earn shards by completing missions and challenges, or you can purchase them from the in-game store using in-game currency or real money.

What is the best strategy for building a strong team in Age of Magic?

The best strategy for building a strong team in Age of Magic is to have a balanced mix of characters with different abilities, such as tanks, healers, damage dealers, and support units. Make sure to upgrade their skills and equipment regularly to maximize their effectiveness in battles.

How can I level up quickly in Age of Magic?

To level up quickly in Age of Magic, focus on completing daily quests, participating in events, and joining a strong guild. By regularly participating in battles and challenges, you can earn experience points and level up your characters faster. Additionally, don’t forget to use experience boosters to speed up the leveling process.