Weapon Heroes: Idle RPG is a game where you have to try yourself as a brave warrior, ready to fight the forces of Evil that have taken over his fairy tale world with their overwhelming power. Simple 2D graphics and a simple control system will help you quickly immerse yourself in the exciting game atmosphere and become a real swordsman hero.

Weapon Heroes

The game consists of managing your squad of powerful warriors with unique abilities, who will gradually progress through the levels, fight against different monsters and participate in battles against teams of other players.

List of Codes

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- Get a random hero for free

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- Gives you countless items for free, most especially a legendary level hero

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- 5000 diamonds and a set of ultra-VIP UR type gear

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How to redeem code

Step 1: Open the main screen of the Weapon Heroes game.

Step 2: Find the Menu and select the CODES item.

Step 3: Enter the free code above and get rewarded.

Weapon Heroes Codes


The plot of the game Weapon Heroes takes place in the magical world of the Middle Ages. Magic and sorcery rule here, but the army of Shadows has recently begun a triumphant conquest of a fairy tale land. Many people and mystical creatures have died in the battle with the terrible monsters, and the survivors are trying to hide to prepare their defenses.

The main character is a brave warrior, gathering his squad of soldiers and magicians to fight the dark forces. He starts from scratch and slowly grows stronger, acquiring new abilities, equipment, and recruiting more skilled warriors to his team.

GiftCode Weapon Heroes

Among the features of the game stand out: colorful 2D graphics with pixel design, high-quality sound effects, interesting storyline, various fighters and characters with different skills and Special power levels, a variety of enemies and level bosses, the ability to arrange PvP battles and improve your hero with new weapons and upgradeable levels. The well-earned cheats will provide access to an unlimited amount of game currency, which can be used in the store to purchase gear, weapons, and gear.

Weapon Heroes : Idle RPG Codes FAQ

How can I increase my character’s power in Weapon Heroes : Idle RPG?

Answer: To increase your character’s power in Weapon Heroes : Idle RPG, focus on upgrading your weapons, leveling up your skills, and equipping powerful gear with high stats.

What are the different game modes available in Weapon Heroes : Idle RPG?

Answer: Weapon Heroes : Idle RPG offers various game modes such as Story Mode, Arena Mode, Tower of Challenge, and Guild Raids. Each mode provides different challenges and rewards for players to enjoy.

Are there any special events or codes that provide rewards in Weapon Heroes : Idle RPG?

Answer: Yes, Weapon Heroes : Idle RPG regularly holds special events and provides codes that players can redeem for exclusive rewards such as gems, gold, and rare items. Keep an eye out for announcements in the game or on social media platforms to stay updated on these opportunities.