Size 66M
Version 2.5.2
Amount 523
Category Game
Update January 26, 2023
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Time Princess begins with the main character going to visit his grandfather. Arriving there, the girl began to explore the house. Feeling that the house hides secrets, the heroine approaches the wardrobe, which is the portal between the ages. The adventure begins! You will find yourself in the age of beautiful ladies and elegant gentlemen. But behind the outward splendor, lurks conspiracies and secrets that can plunge the kingdom into chaos.

Time Princess

List of Time Princess Codes

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About the game

In Time Princess, your decisions can change the course of history. So be extremely careful in your conversations and actions, because the smallest detail can lead to global consequences. The game will allow the user to customize even the appearance of the character, depending on desires and preferences.

Time Princess Codes

Mission accomplished

The task of saving order will fall on your shoulders. To complete the game, you’ll need to choose an outfit based on the environment and society. Impress everyone with your taste and beauty! In addition to dresses, you will have all kinds of jewelry and other wardrobe items in your arsenal. Tested for maximum effect. Test your fashion designer skills by creating unique outfits.

Charming graphics

Beautiful graphics will fully show the beauty of the environment. An interesting story will keep players in good shape until the end. But on this path, the heroine will come to the help of charming kittens, who will become reliable assistants. The game will allow you to interact with other players, competing for the beauty of the costume. Embark on this amazing journey with the main character, and a mod that earns a lot of money will keep you going from start to finish.

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