Tank Hero – The Battle Begins will appeal to all fans of the genre of shooters and dynamic action games, using bright modern effects. The toy has no shortage of tactical and role-playing components since to achieve victory the player will have to skillfully maneuver between shelters, and the money earned in fierce battles will be competently invested into research, improvement, and unlock categories. All the action will take place in a vertical form and the player’s tank will move along the bottom part of the mobile device screen.

Tank Hero

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- With this code, the reward will be free and for a maximum duration

Code is hidden! Get

- You will immediately receive 500,000 coins and 1000 diamonds

  1. XFLRYQ4C (Valid until August 31, 2024)
  2. YFU01R (Valid until August 26, 2024)
  3. GV9J4 (Valid until August 6, 2024)
  4. BZ98YV6S (Valid until August 28, 2024)
  5. JLSTZ3HB (Valid until July 23, 2024)
  6. OYCF4B1H (Valid until August 6, 2024)
  7. S9UK2X4M (Valid until July 22, 2024)
  8. 3QMSU (Valid until August 17, 2024)
  9. 06QRTG (Valid until August 13, 2024)
  10. W9JTH8D (Valid until September 11, 2024)
  11. OERFUSL (Valid until August 5, 2024)
  12. LO5QVKWSB (Expiration date June 5, 2024)
  13. T9J1AE (Expiration date June 27, 2024)
  14. JDYWQU0N (Expiration date June 25, 2024)
  15. IUC3QZ (Expiration date June 26, 2024)
  16. YH3BF1TKO (Expiration date June 24, 2024)
  17. 5DOTWX8LM (Expiration date July 6, 2024)
  18. 8KR6LQB (Expiration date June 3, 2024)
  19. 76TBS1YDF (Expiration date July 13, 2024)
Code is hidden! Get

- The reward is 1,000,000 coins and 5000 diamonds after entering this code

How to Redeem Code

Get the code Tank Hero It is extremely quick with the following 3 steps:

Step 1: On the main screen in the game Tank Hero, go to the Shop cart icon.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Redemption Code.

Step 3: Enter Code Tank Hero in the empty box => click Claim to receive a reward.

What is Tank Hero?

Test your tactical and strategic abilities in the project Tank Hero – Battle Begins and learns how to quickly and delicately control your less powerful unit. Use the game joystick to move between walls and hide from enemy fire behind various obstacles, shooting at enemy tanks from cannons and machine guns.

Tank Hero Codes

Technical research

Get bonuses for successful hits and bright wins to do the necessary research and improve your technique. Don’t forget about the monetization mod, in which the eternal problem of the lack of in-game currency will disappear and the user will be able to shoot at the enemy from a powerful laser, sending uranium bullets in his direction, and can also open up many supermodels of modern equipment and technology.

Fighting in the forest

Try to compete with your opponents online and practice your skills in battles with computer opponents of varying difficulty. Fight in forests and fields, in engineering complexes, and in all kinds of ravines and canyons. Get repair kits and armor equipment, and try to do everything to make your tank as dynamic as possible and protected from all sides.

Sit at the wheel of a battle tank and go clear the territories. Endless waves of enemies, hundreds of upgrades, fast-paced gunfights, and exciting boss battles await you. Move around closed locations, ignore traps, try not to get hit by mines, and dodge enemy bullets.

Increase current level

Load your cannon to the max and destroy enemy tanks, artillery platforms, towers, turrets, and many robots. Collect coins dropped from enemies, increase your current level and choose one of the three bonuses offered. The latter can completely restore a tank’s armor, add ammo, increase critical damage, or change the movement speed of heavy vehicles. Between tries, don’t forget to return to the garage, where you can improve the tank’s parameters, open new cars and distribute the selected amplifiers.

Tank Hero – Awesome tank war g Codes FAQ

Can I customize my tank in Tank Hero – Awesome tank war?

Answer: Yes, in Tank Hero, you can customize your tank with different weapons, armor, and colors to create a unique look and play style for your tank.

Are there different game modes available in Tank Hero – Awesome tank war?

Answer: Yes, Tank Hero offers various game modes including campaign mode, survival mode, and multiplayer mode, providing different challenges and experiences for players.

How can I earn coins in Tank Hero – Awesome tank war?

Answer: You can earn coins in Tank Hero by completing missions, defeating enemies, and participating in online battles. Coins can be used to purchase upgrades for your tank and unlock new features in the game.