UpdateFebruary 26, 2024
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Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor is a fascinating game that combines many genres. We have to go to the spaceship and get one of the roles. A traitor, player neutral or sheriff, can identify all the villains and save the crew members from unnecessary trouble.

Super Sus

Summary of all Super Sus Gift Codes

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How to redeem a gift code

Step 1: Click the Settings icon, and select the Gift Code tab.

Step 2: Enter the code and press the Convert button to get the reward.

Super Sus Gift Codes

What is Supersus?

It is necessary to do everything to avoid the space station’s collapse. You must promptly complete exciting tasks, report violations, and eliminate enemies. As in Among Us, you must monitor each character, oversee their actions, and notify the team if you spot something suspicious. It would be best if you communicate by voice chat and message at meetings, vote for traitors, deceive other players and do everything for your benefit. Victories give you experience points, which help you rank up and unlock cool skins.

Super Sus Codes FAQ

1. What are the different roles in Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor?

Answer: In Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor, players can take on the roles of Crewmates, Impostors, and Detectives. Each role has its own unique abilities and objectives within the game.

2. How can I defeat the Impostor in Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor?

Answer: To defeat the Impostor in Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor, players must work together as Crewmates to complete tasks while being on the lookout for suspicious behavior. The Detective role also plays a crucial part in identifying and exposing the Impostor.

3. Are there any special codes or secrets in Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor?

Answer: While Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor doesn't have specific codes or secrets, players can strategize and communicate with each other to uncover the Impostor's identity and ensure victory for the Crewmates.