Star Trek™ Fleet Command is a fascinating space-based and role-playing game. A long time ago, a pretty cool game set in a fantasy setting was featured here. Therefore, games will be given priority over other applications. Users can download it directly through our link. Intermediate and limited operations will be set aside. Users can open up different gameplay implementation plans. Because it is a role-playing game with tactical elements, experiencers can be confident in their gameplay. Star Trek™ Fleet Command creates a space playground for users to take control of.

Star Trek Fleet Command

List of Star Trek Fleet Command Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Premium Recruit Tokens x4220, Kirk Shards x3220

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- Kirk Shards x5000

Code is hidden! Get

- Premium Recruit Tokens x4440

How to Redeem Code

Step 1:  Visit the code entry website at:

Step 2: Log in to (or create) your Scopely account and link it to your in-game account.

Step 3: Next, click Redeem code => Enter code => Redeem.

Step 4: Open the Star Trek Fleet Command game, go to the mailbox, and receive the reward.

Star Trek Fleet Command Tips

The user’s tasks revolve around developing space stations and spacecraft and carrying out missions from above,… Many excellent activities are waiting for you to unlock in front of you. Once users reach enough levels, they can open activities such as participating in battles, copies, etc. There are countless different events combined to challenge players. If you are a user with natural management talent, you are very suitable for this game. Here, you will directly lead spaceships with extremely advanced weapon technology. Participating now in space attacks and the vastness of the universe are strong points for users to carry out new tasks. Strategy combined with a bit of trickery will help you win higher.

Change your tactics when you are stuck in certain deadlocks. As a decisive commander-in-chief, the player can deploy warships to fixed areas. The aircraft will be placed below the icon box, which users can activate by clicking directly on the image. The destructive power of these advanced weapons must be exploited effectively. You can’t just stop at the average level; try to collect fuel from far away to enhance them.

Star Trek Fleet Command Codes

Continuously upgrade the attack power of technological machines; they will bring you abundant sources of attack. Entering the galaxy, you will be just a tiny grain of sand; look further into the future. Never back down in the face of difficulties; there are many obstacles, that make you more vital than ever. Ally, and connect through the inbox feature.

Star Trek™ Fleet Command Codes FAQ

What are the most effective Star Trek™ Fleet Command codes for upgrading ships?

Answer: Some of the most effective codes for upgrading ships in Star Trek™ Fleet Command include codes that grant bonus resources, speed up build times, and provide extra experience points for your crew members.

Where can I find reliable Star Trek™ Fleet Command codes for unlocking new characters?

Answer: Reliable sources for Star Trek™ Fleet Command codes for unlocking new characters can be found on official game forums, social media platforms, and fan websites dedicated to the game. It is important to only use codes from reputable sources to avoid any potential risks.

Are there any Star Trek™ Fleet Command codes that offer special in-game bonuses or discounts?

Answer: Yes, there are codes available for Star Trek™ Fleet Command that offer special in-game bonuses such as discounted purchases, exclusive items, and limited-time promotions. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these codes as they can enhance your gameplay experience significantly.