UpdateFebruary 24, 2024
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Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack is a vertical shooter game where we are invited to save the universe from alien invasions. CodesLL will provide you with countless gift codes right below.

Space Shooter

List of Codes Today

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- Get 5 Gems, 20000 Coins free from this gift code, but the deadline is only until April 29, 2022, so hurry up guys.

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- Instantly have 500 Gems and 100,000 Coins, but the number is limited to only 300 turns.

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- With the date code you will get 6000 Gems along with 400,000 Coins. However, it only has 100 unique codes.

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- The value of this gift is 5,000,000 Free Coins, to receive you must share this article and only have a unique amount of 1000 codes.

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- 9,999 Gems is the only reward, I don’t remember how long it lasts but you can try your luck

It seems that this game is very interesting, so the number of gift codes is seldom enough. We will update this article regularly if other gift codes appear.

Space Shooter Codes

How to Redeem Code

If you are struggling to know where to enter the Space Shooter code, right now I will guide it, with just a few basic steps:

Step 1: Open the game Space Shooter, and select the Menu icon located at the top corner of your screen.

Step 2: A window will appear and select the ‘Gift Code’ section.

Step 3: Enter our code in the section ‘Please enter your gift code’ => ‘OK’ and your reward will be available immediately and immediately.

What is Space Shooter?

Become a pilot of a spaceship and go to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. Take control of a well-equipped spaceship, avoiding enemy bullets, meteors, and debris that can damage your ship. Move quickly through a restricted area, deal with all the alien starships and collect bounties falling from enemies.

Space Shooter Gift Codes

Destroy all who stand in your way, including the big bosses that are not easy to defeat. Between flights, it is worthwhile to pump the technical part of the ship, install new guns on it, strengthen the armor, and supplement with various modifications. Travel across the endless galaxy, protect all available planets, unlock new ships and compete with real players for the right to be called the best space captain.

Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack Codes FAQ

1. What types of spaceships are available in Space shooter - Galaxy attack codes?

Answer: The game features a variety of spaceships, including fighters, bombers, and intergalactic cruisers, each with unique abilities and firepower. Players can choose their favorite spacecraft to engage in epic space battles.

2. Are there any power-ups or special weapons in Space shooter - Galaxy attack codes?

Answer: Yes, players can collect power-ups and special weapons during gameplay to enhance their spacecraft's capabilities. These power-ups include energy shields, rapid-fire blasters, and devastating missiles, which can turn the tide of battle against the alien invaders.

3. How can players strategize effectively in Space shooter - Galaxy attack codes?

Answer: To succeed in the game, players can employ various strategies such as upgrading their spacecraft, mastering different attack patterns, and utilizing the environment to their advantage. Additionally, forming alliances with other players and coordinating attacks can provide a significant advantage in the ongoing battle for the galaxy.