UpdateSeptember 23, 2023
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Going through many ups and downs, there are bold marks of sword marks on your shoulders. Punishing: Gray Raven is a playground that doesn’t allow stumbling or cowardice. An arena that gathers the most talented gamers to receive rewards with attractive gift codes. People with top-notch hand skills and a gift for role-playing. They clashed against each other to find out who deserved to take the championship.

Punishing Gray Raven

Active Punishing Codes 2023

Code is hidden! Get

- Cogs x50000, Black Card x300, Supply Blue Tickets x4550, Overclock material x7

Code is hidden! Get

- Skill Point x35, Cons Exp Pod x18, Black Card x340, Serum Potion x45

Code is hidden! Get

- Supply Blue Tickets x9800, Skill Point x80, Cons Exp Pod x80

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open Punishing Gray Raven, and click the Benefits icon => Redeem Code tab.

Step 2: Enter the code in the section Redeem package code, and click Redeem money to receive the reward.

What is Punishing Gray Raven?

To rise to become a player with the highest ranking index. Users have to go through many dangerous and turbulent tasks. The difficulty is that it creates a more evident motivation for users to develop themselves daily. From there, perfect your role-playing gameplay, creating a series of consecutive winning records to prove your sublime gameplay.

Punishing Gray Raven Codes

Different from opponents who only focus and kill. Users can choose to participate in system activities or events. From there can help your warrior get more resources and support weapons. Punishing Gray Raven for not working will reward the user for completing the correct mission.

Or you can choose to hunt monsters, fight bosses, or serve clones, …. Many different corresponding activities bring players colossal wealth. Thanks to this, you can strengthen faster and help the steel machine explode. Reclaim your homeland in the hands of evil cyborgs. Sweep them to assert your sovereignty.

Punishing Gray Raven Codes FAQ

1. How can I acquire new characters in Punishing: Gray Raven?

To obtain new characters in Punishing: Gray Raven, you can participate in the gacha system. Collect in-game currency and use it to roll for character cards in the gacha. The gacha features a variety of characters with different rarities, and luck plays a role in acquiring the more powerful ones.

2. Is it possible to upgrade characters in Punishing: Gray Raven?

Yes, you can upgrade and enhance your characters in Punishing: Gray Raven. By collecting character shards and using them to increase a character's level and star rank, you can significantly improve their stats and abilities. Additionally, you can equip them with better gear and upgrade their skills to make them even stronger.

3. How can I optimize my team composition in Punishing: Gray Raven?

To optimize your team in Punishing: Gray Raven, consider a few factors. Firstly, ensure a balanced composition by including characters from different classes, such as melee, ranged, and support, to cover various roles and combat situations. Secondly, focus on synergy between characters, utilizing their unique abilities and passives to enhance each other's performance. Lastly, consider the enemies you'll be facing and adjust your team composition accordingly, ensuring you have the right tools to deal with specific challenges.