My Talking Angela is a bit like Tamogochchi, and this similarity shows in the need to take care of Angela. Your ward dreams of becoming a real star and you will have to help her in this. Of course, with the help of special items, it is easy to make her attractive, but there is another side to the problem – education.

My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela Cheats

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What is My Talking Angela?

This is what the My Talking Angela Cheats game offers you to do in one of its sections called self-improvement. Here you will have to take care of her, educate her character and develop her spiritual qualities. Your first meeting with Angela will take place in the kitchen, where you can feed the kittens and enjoy a variety of delicious treats.

My Talking Angela Cheats

The second room, which will be available to you in the early stages of the game, is the bathroom, where you can take care of her beautiful white fur, brush her teeth and claw her nails. All other rooms you can only open when you earn enough experience. It is quite easy to do this. By completing different missions, you will see how the experience scale increases, bringing you closer to new opportunities and a new level.

Buy the costumes

We must not forget that a lot depends on Angela’s mood. If your kitten is feeling sad, this can be easily remedied with a variety of games and games. But most of all, Angela loves beautiful outfits. You can buy them in a special shop, having previously earned the necessary amount in mini-games. Another way to achieve your goal would be endless money cheats. Talking about graphic design, we can note its high quality. All elements of the game for Android are drawn with love and tenderness.

My Talking Angela Codes FAQ

What are some popular My Talking Angela codes?

Answer: Some popular My Talking Angela codes include “STARRY” for a starry outfit, “ANGELA50” for 50 diamonds, and “SPRING22” for a spring-themed accessory pack.

Can I use My Talking Angela codes more than once?

Answer: No, each My Talking Angela code can typically only be used once per account. However, new codes are released regularly, so be on the lookout for fresh codes to redeem.

Do My Talking Angela codes expire?

Answer: Yes, My Talking Angela codes usually have an expiration date. It’s important to redeem codes promptly to ensure they are still valid. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each code for specific expiration details.