UpdateMarch 3, 2024
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Rediscover the familiar feeling of being a famous garden rancher. Merge Kuya Island holds a considerable fortune of up to tens of billions of dong. Do what you want in this world, no strings attached. You must mobilize to help yourself improve in management work, starting from the same level should be self-sufficient.

Merge Kuya Island

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Your reward will be 120,000 gold, 300,000 wood and 1000 gems

Code is hidden! Get

- You will get 600 gems, 400,000 wood and 750,000 gold

Code is hidden! Get

- Use code now to get 2000 free gems instantly

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Go to Settings or Avatar of your character in the game Merge Kuya Island.

Step 2: Scroll down to see the Redeem Code section. You need to click and enter the code to receive the reward.

What is Merge Kuya Island?

Provide yourself with a sufficient amount of knowledge to use the first time. You will not be surprised. But over time will help you accumulate a lot of experience. From there, the best garden management method is drawn. Look at that day’s output to gauge your progress. Many activities are based on realistic elements, which will help users experience a more natural feeling.

Merge Kuya Island Codes

Live every moment with entertaining puzzles, which are fun but also challenging for users. It would be best to overcome the first obstacles in this journey, then gradually expand and develop. Your territory is the target to deploy the other step, expand to increase the construction area. Your wealth is equivalent to the amount of land you own.

Excavate the wasteland by erecting gardens. The money awarded is your capital. Use them to shop for supplies and plant varieties. Build up extensive gardens, and take care of them every day. Next are many different activities for you to experience. For example, it can be said to solve puzzles and upgrade craft facilities.

Merge Kuya Island Codes FAQ

How do I merge objects together in Merge Fantasy Island?

To merge objects in Merge Fantasy Island, simply drag one object onto another object of the same type. When you merge two objects, they will combine to create a higher-level object with increased value and benefits.

What are the different types of resources in Merge Fantasy Island?

In Merge Fantasy Island, you can collect various resources such as gems, coins, magical essences, and special artifacts. Each resource has its own unique uses and can be merged and utilized to advance in the game.

How do I unlock new areas in Merge Fantasy Island?

To unlock new areas in Merge Fantasy Island, you need to progress through the game by merging objects, completing quests, and earning experience points. As you level up, new areas of the fantasy island will become accessible, revealing new challenges and treasures to discover.