UpdateFebruary 27, 2024
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From the ruins of the energy ruins that the current civilization caused. Players will experience a storyline with bold robot images. Or, to be more precise, the direct control of giant fighting machines. These outstanding features will only be available in the game Magic vs. Metal. A super role-playing product is making the rankings shake.

Magic vs. Metal

List of Cheat Codes

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Magic vs. What is Metal?

Capture the game’s development opportunities from a gamer’s perspective. CodesLL decided to bring this blockbuster back this summer with many free codes. To help players directly participate in the attractive role-playing game. Not only that, but you can also receive priceless gifts. Give yourself a solid stepping stone in the title race with your opponent.

Magic vs. Metal Codes

The journey to defeat the opponents

Join hands to build a Magic vs. game community. The metal reached new heights. Attract people to make a strong party. Link to each other through the convenient chat box to share plans. Let’s embark on a journey to break the game and defeat heavy opponents. Create the legendary story of fighting machines representing the survivors.

Skill set with huge destructive power

Maintain the engine’s start in important matches. Warm-up these people of steel by activating warm-up moves. Each steel warrior has for himself a set of skills with huge destructive power. So you have to learn how to use them to the fullest. Only then can you bring a moral victory to yourself.

Magic vs. Metal Codes FAQ

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and answer about the game: Magic vs. Metal codes:

Q: How do I obtain exclusive Metal codes in the game?

A: Exclusive Metal codes can be obtained by completing specific in-game challenges, participating in special events, or by purchasing limited-edition merchandise related to the game.

Q: Can Magic codes be traded for Metal codes with other players?

A: Yes, players can participate in code trading with others to exchange Magic codes for Metal codes. However, it's important to verify the authenticity of the codes and only engage in trading with trusted sources.

Q: Are there any time-sensitive promotions that offer bonus Magic and Metal codes?

A: Yes, the game occasionally runs time-sensitive promotions where players can earn bonus Magic and Metal codes by completing certain tasks within a specified time frame. Keep an eye on the game's official website and social media channels for updates on such promotions.