Legends of Runeterra is a luxury collectible card strategy set in the popular game League of Legends universe. Below CodesLL will give you all the unique gift codes from this game.

Legends of Runeterra

List of free Codes

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- With this code, you will get 8,000,000 Coins once entered, and they will be immediately sent to your game account

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- Unlock 20 legendary cards for you to fully explore the game

About the Game

All the characters in the game are represented as cards. Events take place on a confident game board where you need to place your wards and engage in turn-based battles. The deck, which the player will use, can be updated for coins and rare shards. Travel between the available zones, choose the correct characters, and use their unique abilities in battles. Upgrade your heroes, improve their performance and compete with the best strategists worldwide.

NameLegends of Runeterra
UpdateSeptember 28, 2022
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