LoF Duel Star is a new game on the market for less than a week. The entertainment world was shocked when this new game landed in many places. Many gamers have visited this new playground, hoping to satisfy their passion. This is also one of the essential reasons for Vietnamese users to play. They all want to quench their thirst for victory and awaken their PK talent. You can play the role of famous disciples of mysterious martial arts. Or become god-slayers with destructive power; their innate fighting skills are their most potent weapons. Golden warriors are waiting for you to recruit them to your squad—Ally with core characters.

Legend of Fighters Duel Star

Latest LoF Duel Star Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamonds x922, Custom Recruit Ticket x44

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamond x777

Code is hidden! Get

- Custom Recruit Ticket x500

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open Legend of Fighters: Duel Star, click Profile => Code.

Step 2: Enter the code and click Confirm to receive the reward.

LoF Duel Star Tips

Pave the way for them to reach the Legend of Fighters: Duel Star playground, an arena that brings together many of the brightest faces. In it, players can make friends and get acquainted with many other opponents. A fantasy world created by many members. Even though it’s so large, you’re still hesitant to enter the replica gate. Give up that neutral mindset and replace it with more confidence and assertiveness. Users must personally control their generals. Leading them on the path of street martial arts, you must overcome many obstacles to grasp victory. This place has no place for losers.

Changing your way of playing proactively and moving towards the most critical stages is strategy. The strategic element is an essential key to awakening compelling gameplay. You can’t just focus on strengthening your squad. Players must combine tactics with changes and arrange positions accordingly. The defense and offense will be linked when you know how to connect them. The relationship between the warriors will be a link so they can understand each other better.

Legend of Fighters Duel Star Codes

The rules of play are pretty simple: users will be taken into a PVP or PVE battle. Each team will have turns to attack, alternating one after the other. A player can win the final match when the opponent has no champions left on the stage. Losing is when you have to stop fighting when no more allies are left on the board. The purest way to play will help players reach the asymptote of the gameplay. Perfection in your gameplay is what we are looking for.

Legend of Fighters: Duel Star Codes FAQ

How can I unlock new characters in Legend of Fighters: Duel Star?

Answer: To unlock new characters in Legend of Fighters: Duel Star, you can use special codes that are provided by the game developers. These codes usually involve completing certain in-game tasks or challenges to access new characters.

Are there any special codes for unlocking exclusive costumes in Legend of Fighters: Duel Star?

Answer: Yes, there are special codes available for unlocking exclusive costumes in Legend of Fighters: Duel Star. These codes are often revealed during in-game events or promotions and can be entered within the game to access unique and stylish costumes for your characters.

Do the codes in Legend of Fighters: Duel Star expire?

Answer: Some codes in Legend of Fighters: Duel Star may have expiration dates, while others may be available for unlimited use. It’s recommended to use the codes as soon as possible to ensure you can take advantage of any special rewards or unlocks they offer before they expire.